Light Blogging

Was shovelling until almost 10pm last night. In Maine for the day, and generally dog tired.

No blog for you!

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Just think of all the ‘exercise’ you’re getting! 🙂 Just be careful out there!!!

  2. Kristophr says:

    When I moved to Wyoming, I made a point of buying a snow mower during the dead of summer.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Got nowhere for a machine to throw it sadly.

      • Kristophr says:

        If you throw it straight ahead, you can slowly run over it and keep pushing it forwards.

        But I’m sure you’ve considered that, so I’ll just shut up.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          To give a quick run-down, my Driveway is about 50 feet long. I have lawn on one side of it for the first 15 feet from the garage to the edge of my house, and my neighbor’s driveway is shorter than mine and has no garage, so he lets me shovel into his yard. Then for about 30 some feet the driveway is flanked by my house and my neighbor’s drive, and this doesn’t change until I get right next to the street. I guess I could do some good in blowing the snow BACK, but I’d need to be careful not to bury my garage, or smash the windows with the ice balls and debris that gets thrown, the other side its a tall order to not throw it into the street.

          Essentially a snow scoop is the best tool for the trade. I move all the snow from the middle of my Driveway into the ends where I can dispose of it. Just the scoop doesn’t work very efficiently when there’s more than a few feet of snow.

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