More Anti-Freedom

Looks like the New Jersey Police, in the words of President Obama, “Acted Stupidly”.

The ruddy-cheeked, camouflage-clad boy in the photo smiles out from behind a pair of glasses, proudly holding a gun his father gave him as a present for his upcoming 11th birthday.

The weapon in the photo, posted by his dad on Facebook, resembles a military-style assault rifle but, his father says, is actually just a .22-caliber copy. And that, the family believes, is why child welfare case workers and police officers visited the home in Carneys Point last Friday and asked to see his guns.

New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families declined to comment specifically on the case but says it often follows up on tips. The family and an attorney say father Shawn Moore’s Second Amendment rights to bear arms were threatened in a state that already has some of the nation’s strictest gun laws and is considering strengthening them after December’s schoolhouse massacre in Connecticut.

In this case, the family believes someone called New Jersey’s anonymous child abuse hot line.

Shawn Moore said he gave his son Josh the gun as a present to use on hunting trips. The elder Moore was at a friend’s house when his wife called, saying state child welfare investigators, along with four local police officers, were at the house, asking to inspect the family’s guns….”They said they wanted to see into my safe and see if my guns were registered,” Moore said. “I said no; in New Jersey, your guns don’t have to be registered with the state; it’s voluntary. I knew once I opened that safe, there was no going back.”

With the lawyer listening in on the phone, Moore said he asked the investigators and police officers whether they had a warrant to search his home. When they said no, he asked them to leave. One of the child welfare officials would not identify herself when Moore asked for her name, he said.

The agents and the police officers left, and nothing has happened since, he said.

Those who are anti-gun see nothing wrong in violating the 4th Amendment.

Also I thought these were “Weapons of War”, and not used for hunting? Sebastian has more on the initial story, and the picture in question.

It looks like a S&W M&P15-22, which according to Dianne Fienstine, is indeed an “Assault Weapon” because it is semi-auto, has a removable magazine, and has a pistol grip.

The antis are indeed coming for your guns, and it doesn’t matter if its a youth hunting rifle, or your defensive gun, or just a prized collector’s piece.


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4 Responses to More Anti-Freedom

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    What’s going to be Interesting is now that the FEDERAL AWB and Hi-Cap Magazine Bans are almost DOA, what are the various VolksRepubliks going to do w/o FEDERAL Law to Cover Their Asses? They CAN’T say to the Judge “But Your Honor, we did this because FEDERAL Law required us to do so, along with the States.”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      God I hope that soon bans like the ones in Massachusetts will be repealed because the laws are indeed illegal infringements of individual rights.

      Hell, I was talking to the Mrs. about how ALL the boxes of old STANAG mags are now GONE from the Mass shops. That’s it, there will be no more unless somebody sells them. There goes my hopes of owning a Mass-legal .300 BLK rifle that can eat from a full 30-round magazine!

  2. TS says:

    So the gun is a 22 caliber “copy” of a gun that is “styled” like a military firearm? Oh boy.

  3. HerrBGone says:

    Not just any lawyer, BTW, That was Evan Napen on the phone with the kid’s dad. Those cops didn’t stand a chance!

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