She’s right, Rape isn’t about being sexual, but power and violence. Interesting that the people suggesting the most insulting “Rape Prevention” techniques are for civilian disarmament and restrictions of liberty.

See a trend in common?

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7 Responses to Pro-Woman

  1. Divemedic says:

    Except in New York, where citizens desiring to prevent their rape can’t urinate on themselves because they can’t get large beverages. Limiting high capacity magazines that are useful for self defense.

  2. Stuart the Viking says:

    I question the effectiveness of urinating on oneself. It is my understanding that rape is rarely about attraction. It is usually about power. Humiliation is often a big part of this sense of power.

    Making a grown woman urinate (or throw up) on herself would seem to me to play right into that.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      Pee and puke are disgusting….but not as disgusting as rape.

      Same with stealing a gun, and carrying it without a permit is illegal… but not as illegal as murder.

      Once you reach that far into evil you don’t even feel the bumps in the road.

      • North says:

        I know this is a late comment, but suggesting a woman urinate to turn off the rapist… has that person never looked at porn on the internet? Perhaps that is what the rapist wants.

  3. DS says:

    I like Ted Nugent’s advice to prevent rape. Draw your gun and shoot the rapist 6 times in the chest.

  4. TS says:

    “Make him pee his pants instead.”


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