Women Libertarians

What do you think the big issue will be that will bring women into the Libertarian front?

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  1. Suz says:

    Smart gal. One place to look is (you guessed it) the MRM; her videos get a lot of play in the Manosphere. Younger women who see how feminism has betrayed their fathers, made their mothers miserable, and destroyed their families, along with older women like me who fear for our sons. If you want to see radically eroded freedoms, take a peek at what the Violence Against Women Act has done to the Constitutional rights of males in this country. Mary Kellett is finally facing disbarment, and she is not an anomaly.

    If you keep asking leading questions like this, you might have to ban me as a PITA busybody…

  2. Fiftycal says:

    Why is “birth control” and “abortion” being brought up in a “L”ibertarian meme? Both are religious issues and have nothing to do with governing this nation unless you are seeking a theocracy. And if you want to force your religious superstition on the nation as a whole, then move to Iran or Saudi Arabia. Over the centurys, they have kept the low information serfs under their control with their religious superstition. Now it may not comport with “judeo-christian” superstitions, but hey, its’ a “the means to an end’.

    • Jake says:

      Why is “birth control” and “abortion” being brought up in a “L”ibertarian meme?

      Not “birth control”, but “taxpayer funded birth control”. Whether birth control should be allowed or not certainly is a religious issue and therefore not a libertarian one, but fighting calls for government involvement in it – including funding – certainly is a libertarian issue. It’s simply none of the government’s business, one way or the other.

      Abortion is controversial among libertarians, but many see it as a legitimate issue of government interest because it is the deliberate ending of a defenseless human life (i.e., murder). She is obviously someone who believes that.

  3. Boyd says:

    In the late 90’s I was heavily involved in the Libertarian Party of Washington State. The person who told me about the party was a female friend from shooting. The chair was a woman, the secretary (and if you’ve worked in an organization of any size, you know the secretary runs things) was a woman and when I was credentials chair for the conventions female friends helped me make all that happen. When I was elected to the state central committee (forget if it was once or twice) there were several women on that governing body which ran the party. Several of the people we got into office (we made major party status for the first time back then) were women. So, in my experience, this just isn’t true. I did kind of lose track of my LP friends after 9/11… but have no reason to think any of that’s changed in my state.

  4. Mary S. says:

    The closed-primary process in my state prohibits me from voting in many primaries because I’m not a registered Democrat, and would prohibit me from voting in every primary if I was a registered Libertarian. That’s the kicker for me, short & sweet.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I 100% agree. I know lots of people registered to a party they don’t agree with simply because they are politically active.

      Massachusetts isn’t a closed primary state, but I’m still a registered Republican only because you won’t catch me voting for a Massachusetts Democrat under any circumstance.

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