“Gun Death” Exploding Basketball

No death, but WOW!

Rosemary Ferrand was at the North Texas theme park in Arlington on Easter Sunday and was carrying a bright purple and yellow basketball that her son, Brandon Green, won at the amusement park.

“It was so loud I thought it was a bomb,” Ferrand told WFAA Monday. “I wasn’t sure what was wrong, I felt a burning sensation all over me.”

Ferrand said she was left with bruising all under her arm and through the side of her chest. The ball is now just a scrap of rubber and cloth.

Six Flags Over Texas said paramedics were on hand to help and Ferrand was taken to a hospital. WFAA reports she was taken to the ER by ambulance.

“We take all incidents seriously, the safety of our guests is our utmost priority,” said park spokesperson Sharon Parker, who confirmed all other prize basketballs have been checked out and cleared as safe.


H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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  1. Jake says:

    A weak spot in the material and/or overinflation + hot day, I’d guess. Once it was out of the booth and the hot sun started warming it up, that was it.

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