Neat Way to Cook Eggs

For those who don’t know, Alton Brown just launched a Youtube Channel!

Here’s a neat video on how to cook a large batch of hard-boiled eggs in the oven!

Personally I put my eggs in a large stock pot and cover them with cold water, then turn on high heat and watch for the water to boil (yes you can watch the pot and it’ll still boil, and that’s necessary for this application!) once the water comes to a full rolling boil I remove the heat, cover the pot and set my timer for 15 minuets. Once the timer goes off, I dump the hot water and add cold water (you can add ice like Alton does, but I really don’t feel the need…I will sometimes cover them with cold water, give them a minuet to heat the water, then pour it off again and add more cold water).

This produces eggs of the perfect quality like Alton’s in about the same amount of time. Note that the yolk still has some translucent qualities but is still 100% solid, that’s perfect.

We’ll see if I bother with this, as it doesn’t seem like much of a time saver, and you still get a big stock pot dirty. Why do I cook so many eggs?

Pickled Eggs, of course!

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4 Responses to Neat Way to Cook Eggs

  1. bluesun says:

    And please, PLEASE listen to his podcasts!

  2. ChrisJ says:

    Loved his show for the “science” behind the art of cooking. Cool way to do eggs for Easter. Really, who wants plastic eggs for Easter? They make terrible deviled eggs…

    I drop mine in a pot of boiling water for 8 minutes if they’re for me, 15 if they’re for anyone else. I like the yolks cooked but not cooked hard. Mmmmm.

  3. wrm says:

    And since you subjected me to those dad jokes, I have to ask whether you’re partial to Bach or whether any old minuet will do.

  4. WallPhone says:

    I do eggs same way you do, save for a maybe one or two minutes to make them almost liquid inside the yolk.

    Now if only there was a way to peel them without destroying some of the extra tender whites that result… (I’ve heard baking soda works, but not with the extra time to clean the residue it leaves on the pot.)

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