Sour Grapes from the Antis

Joan has a post up about the NRA Convention.

I’m totally missing being there, but this post cheers me up a lot. First this:

Whenever a bunch of Americans get together to celebrate a display of deadly weapons, it’s a moment to reflect on what this is really all about. Yes, there are trade shows for other things like cars, boats, etc. People come to see what’s new and to think about what they might want to buy. But we are talking about firearms here. We are talking about the weapons that flow so freely in America and cause so much devastation in our communities. These are not just guns used for hunting and self defense. A good many of them are weapons designed to kill as many people at one time as possible. Yes, the people who attend are ostensibly law abiding gun owners and good Americans. But do they really understand what this is all about? This isn’t just about supporting gun owners, hunting sports and recreational shooting. This is about so much more.

Yep guns are different because they are different! Also cars kill more people per year than guns, but Joan omits auto shows as things to be concerned about…well because she HAS a car and drives to work! Also interesting to note that Joan seems to claim that self defense guns are OK in her book. Of course she doesn’t REALLY believe that, but she understands how out-of-touch she is, so she has to pretend to be more like whatever she pictures “Regular People” to be like.

Still what makes a gun “Designed to kill as many people at one time as possible”? Also what might a gun like this be? Sorry but an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine is just a good idea for self defense. Self-defense is not a one-on-one sport! Bad guys can travel in packs, and shots can miss or fail to stop an attack, that means you need more shots! Mag changes and other re-loads are a bottle-neck in the manual of arms, and the less you need to do this the better. Most self-defense shootings end with far less than 30 rounds being exchanged, but do you want to bet your life on that? Also if you end a violent encounter with ammo in your mag who does that hurt? Tactical reloads are a luxury I would hope to be given in the horrible instance when my life, and the lives of my family are on the line. Better to have ammo to spare when the police arrive to pick up the pieces than to have an empty gun in the middle of a fight.

But that’s reasonable talk, and that has no place at Common Gunsese! Now the knee-slapper!

The star studded event will surely continue the fear and paranoia so endemic at NRA conventions. Media Matters writes about who will be the convention.

…Really? That’s who they’ve got? Sarah Palin is a fading star if she ever was one. What in the world does she have to say about guns and gun violence that is important to anyone but those in the room? (Hint- it starts with the letter “f” and ends with “reedom”) Right. Wayne LaPierre? Sigh. More on him later. Ted Nugent? Seriously? They want to have him rant offensively to get the crowd going? This is who they bring to their convention? Pay attention America. This is not your father’s NRA any more. Ted Nugent is a rude and ludicrous clown who serves on the Board of the NRA. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has a truck with some quotes from Nugent on the sides and refers folks to their Meet The NRA website where you can read more about the fine upstanding citizens who serve on the board of one of the nation’s most influential lobby groups.

Funny, Media matters mentions Glenn Beck who’s just massive right now, and Joan doesn’t have a comment about it. Still the others she doesn’t like. Good for her. Who were the big-name celebrities at the Brady Campaign meeting? Oh!

Yeah, NRA is a bunch of has-beens stuffing a massive convention center filled with paying members, and having national celebrities talking…all being openly reported by the press and broadcast on the internet, while the Brady Campaign and the Bloomberg groups have closed-door meetings with nobody of consequence, and no true membership.

Its all sour grapes, and I LOVE it!

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3 Responses to Sour Grapes from the Antis

  1. Thirdpower says:

    Even Mom’s Demanding Lovin’ won’t have anything to do w/ Joan.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well I suspect they are enemies now. Joan seems to tip her hat to Moms, but she was tipping glasses with Shannon Watts at the Brady annual meeting. Possibly she doesn’t understand all the fights between Bloomberg and Brady, but it strongly appears that while the two groups were allied very recently, that allegiance is over for the time being.

  2. Miguel says:

    And the great Moms Demand Indianapolis event secured with armed goons… Priceless!

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