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Interesting 19th Century Percussion Revolver

5 charge holes, 10 shot pocket revolver! They also made a 6-holer that shot 12….so yeah in the mid 19th century they were making “Assault Weapons”. Further you could get off two quick shots with one cocking of the hammer….but … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 66

Another great Show! Show notes here, Show below! Enjoy!

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In Case Your Missed It

There was a Squirrel Report on Thursday. Besides the usual fun and games, Jay did some singing from the New Musical “Middle East Side Story”. Also Breda put up her recipe for the wheat-Free pancakes….I need to try this! So … Continue reading

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Handgun Radio: The Little Ones

Ryan and I talk .25, .32, and .380 ACP cartridges. Enjoy!!!

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The Yankee Marshal Talks Paris

I agree!

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Gun Blog Variety Cast Ep 65

Another Great Episode from all those bloggers you love! Show notes here, show below! Enjoy

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That Squirrel Report

Oops, a little late, but yeah, we had a GREAT Squirrel Report. Give it a listen, if you haven’t already!

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Great Video About the Australian Gun Ban

From the NRA On the surface the antis and us are on the same side. We’re against violence, just our methods are 180 degrees from each other. The antis claim to want to disarm people to reduce their capability of … Continue reading

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When the Social Justice Warriors Take Over the Schools

Especially love that it’s a Math class

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Gunblog Variety Cast, Episode 64

Back to the usual format this week! Show notes here, show below! Also I’m really glad to see The Yankee Marshal as our Special Guest! I’m a HUGE fan of that guy! Enjoy!

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