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No Squirrel Tonight

Sorry Folks, but Alan is all embroiled in some work stuff, so No Squirrel Report tonight! See you Next Week!

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Misleading Title

The title is: How Bloomberg plans to use the NRA’s tactics in the gun control fight Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg learned that lesson the hard way last year when he spent $12 million on political ads in 13 … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Flock of Vultures

Here’s just a crush of crap I found: Both a Straw man, and the argument of an idiot. So first up nobody said that guns project a force field that deflect bullets. This is an identical argument that would say … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Vultures

I’m just amazed at the irony of this image: So not only is this in the wake of the Oregon shooting where all the antis have been taking victory laps because THEY DEFEATED THE EVIL GUN LOBBY!!!11! But we also … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: The Killer

I forget how this started, but at lunch a coworker and I were discussing people who many THOUGHT were dead, but in fact were alive, plus music genre definitions. We landed on Jerry Lee Lewis, and discussed his career. I … Continue reading

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The Vultures Circle Pt II

Just AMAZING how twisted the Anti-Gun Democrats are. Hillary Clinton is stepping up: Hillary Clinton grew emotional on the campaign trail Monday while introducing a mother whose child was killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. …Hockley went on … Continue reading

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Rockin Cloaca!

I got two of the three right! I love it when the Internet Makes a video just for me!

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Some Quality Pod

So Chester should be called WIN-Chester Murphy, since he sat down with Grant Cunningham and Myself sat down to talk about Lever guns, and make fun or Ryan Michad Super fun to finally talk to Grant, as I’m a huge … Continue reading

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Some LOLz

I need to go hunting!! That’s funny stuff!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 59

Another good show for you all! Show notes here, show below! Enjoy!

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