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Another Reason Why I’m Not a Republican

Reason finds gays at CPAC: Of course CPAC is not a REPUBLICAN convention, but a CONSERVATIVE one. Hey, I think all drugs should be legal, don’t really see any reason for the state to get involved in marriage of any … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Overwhelmed Mom

I can’t have too much sympathy for her, but also I can’t muster my usual disdain for murderous mothers. As darkness was falling Monday, according to a police affidavit, **KILLER**, 34, parked her car at the north end of the … Continue reading

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Episode 28 of the GunBlog Variety Cast!

You know the drill! Show notes here, listen/download below! ENJOY!!!

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Just Amazing

Essentially the predecessor of the Desert Eagle and the Boberg IN THE 19th Century!!! Part of me is sad that they were such a commercial failure…but part of me is kinda glad to see these monstrosities strangled in their crib! … Continue reading

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What Makes a “Sniper Rifle”

“Sniper Rifle” is one term I HATE. Not specifically to snipers and the rifles they use, but to rifles not being used by snipers. You may have had this question asked of you: “Oh you own guns? Do you own … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Tape Measure

This is a sad and preventable one: A man delivering drywall to a New Jersey construction site was killed Monday when a tape measure fell 50 stories, striking him on the head, authorities said. The 1-pound tape measure became dislodged … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Booze Dispute

Now I’m constantly asking people to point out people getting killed over alcohol after the 21st Amendment was ratified. Well it DOES happen: A 16-year-old Texan has been arrested on suspicion of killing a man with a car after he … Continue reading

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Again With the Training

We first saw this meme here. Now it’s been re-hashed So like the last image, the “Everytown” name is not present, but you’ll see from the image I grabbed it from their twitter feed. Now again, Kansas is an open-carry … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Beating of a Pregnant Woman

Now I wonder, is this a murder or a double murder? A central Ohio man who police say confessed to beating and strangling his pregnant girlfriend and burying her beside a cornfield will be arraigned on aggravated murder and other … Continue reading

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A Scurry of Squirrels

So tonight on the Squirrel Report -Net Neutrality -Scott Walker -Emily Miller now Legal to Carry Plus other stuff. The fun stuff is the call-in. What would your collective noun for Social Justice Warriors be? Like a “Rancor” of Feminists? … Continue reading

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