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Gunblog Variety Cast EP 46

It’s up, and you know it’s good! Show notes here! Show below!

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Happy Independence Day!

Hope you’re all having a great holiday! Also my Wife has declared that I have too much meat for the grill. I see that as a good problem to have! Also hopefully some of my guests will be interested in … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Human Life

Gotta love this one: Awww what a cute little quip. Yep it would be a royal pain to walk into an elementary school and attempt to kill all the children with a spoon….not that you wouldn’t be able to do … Continue reading

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Squirrels are Gay!

Tonight on the Squirrel Report we shall discuss: The double-standard of “Progressives” when a lefty makes a Hate Speech Micro-Agression, and the crickets can be heard from space. The Left/Right Culture war. And How the left is really the party … Continue reading

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Handgun Radio Milestone!

Ryan, TJ, and I sat down for a roundtable talking about the previous 99 Episodes of Handgun Radio And Ryan made a cool picture!! So yeah enjoy! It was fun!

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The Man Returns!

Ronald Jenkees has a new video up! Love this dude!

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Bloomberg: Be Careful What You Wish For!

This piece from The Trace just seems a bit vapid: t how much do mass shootings actually ignite discussion beyond politicians, pundits, and activists — how much appetite for the issue exists among the public at large? And what subsequently … Continue reading

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One More!

And it has some tie-in to the Super Mario Brothers Movie, which I love in a messed up sort of way! Also check out the pitch-bend Keyboard solo at 2:14! How badass is that! Once I get a little bit … Continue reading

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The Antis and Air BNB

Ah The Trace! LOVE this site as a crossroads of anti-gun nuttery! Not only is it a quick and easy way to track down nutty articles about banning guns, but every one has Michael Bloomberg’s seal of approval on it! … Continue reading

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Evening Music: Beebs and Her Money Makers

I frankly prefer my Ska with a nice healthy dose of punk in it. Still Beeb’s oily voice and the fact that they’re actively putting out music in a time when Ska is dead, I’m glad to have it!

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