Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 294: An Eclipse, a Round Table, and Other Lunacy

Weer’d Beard went out of town to view the eclipse on Monday,  so we’re recording this ACP Round Table on Tuesday.

Join Erin, Weer’d, David, and Oddball as we discuss:

  • The total eclipse of the sun;
  • a family in need;
  • the DC Police dealing guns that show up in crimes, and the ATF’s response to that;
  • NRA members getting exempted from the pistol brace ban;
  • 2A sanctuary counties in Colorado being less likely to utilize red flag laws;
  • declining gun sales in 2024;
  • Hawaii banning ammo sales to people under 21;
  • David Hogg spending over a million dollars of his PAC’s money on everything except its mission;
  • and a 3D printed .50 BMG rifle. What’s the worst that could happen?

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Show Notes

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