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Quote of the Day: Thirdpower

Never thought of it this way: So by Joan and Jason’s definition, you are now a ‘victim of gun violence’. Joan’s sister was shot. She wasn’t anywhere near it when it happened, but she’s a “Victim of Gun Violence”. Jason … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: The Big Lie

Man this has got to be the WORST version of this stupid meme refuted here: So yeah, Since the NRA Annual Meeting is NOT a gun show, and it is forbidden for exhibitors to sell firearms during the meeting, and … Continue reading

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Another One For Joan

Often times when Joan has a totally rambling post, I simply skim it, and move on. These posts generally tend to be just a long list of completely unrelated gun events. She doesn’t even bother to tie them in, except … Continue reading

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Family History

So my Father and my Father-in-Law both owned guns. They grew up hunting and shooting in Maine and Vermont respectively. My Father-in-Law became an avid hunter and Skeet shooter, while my father decided guns weren’t for him. So Dad didn’t … Continue reading

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Anti-Gun, Anti-Logic

You have to wonder about the anti-gunners. First up, they seem to be imploding. Have a look at Watt’s speech at the NRAAM: She’s talking about what a good job they’re doing….yet they have accomplished virtually nothing. Speaking of accomplishing … Continue reading

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Robert Farago Doing What He Does Best

Playing into the hands of the anti-gunners. Last we talked about him was here, where they did a slap-dash “recreation” of the Charlie Hebdo attack attempting to show that even if France hadn’t disarmed their people (and their police) the … Continue reading

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Franchi SPAS-12

In so few words…it’s a turd!

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And While you wait for The Squirrel Report

You can listen to me and Ryan talk about classic and modern guns on handgun radio!

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Images of the Antis: Ironically True

I don’t think they meant this comic to come out this way: As a little boy I had a security blanket, and I always was confused by the term. Of course the blanket made me FEEL more comfortable, while providing … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: WTF

I generally have an idea what’s being said by an anti-gun cartoon. This one I have NO idea…. What am I missing here? I feel like I’m looking a a Jackson Pollack painting. Can you make heads or tails out … Continue reading

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