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Gun Blog Variety Cast Episode 6!

Another fun episode here! Tell your friends!

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Powerful NRA Ad

The NRA has been doing some really high quality ads recently. Most of them don’t do anything for me. Now that doesn’t mean they’re BAD ads, as I am NOT the target demographic for them. I’m a devoted life-member and … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Blackface

We see it again. First up, Cool Strawman Bro! Yeah, those Open Carry “Cosplayers” covered in MOLLE gear with their guns all covered with cheap after-market accessories, their rifle at low ready on the single-point sling do look a little … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: The Jack

Found at Robb’s as we were discussing the willful ignorance of people who niether know, nor care who Joseph Goebbels was. Part of it is a class aspiration. Think a British gentleman taking pride in his ignorance of how a … Continue reading

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Looks like Ruger has expanded it’s LCR line to a clip-fed 9×19! Neat if you’re into that sort of thing. Not my speed really since I like shooting pistol cartridges in pistols, and revolver cartridges in revolvers. Also for such … Continue reading

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Interesting Walmart Story

So I follow the anti-gun Walmart Blog done by Jason Kilgore. This recent story has me scratching my head: After the employee took five firearms out of the case at 12:22 p.m. Zwar grabbed the employee. The clerk said Zwar … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Lying About the Brady Bill

Now the biggest gun control victory in America in the last 40 years was the Federal Assault Weapons ban. It also turns out it was their biggest defeat as it woke up the casual gun owners and weekend hunters that … Continue reading

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Grahhh! Rule 2!!!!

Found this cool video from some sort of old artillery shoot At 45 Seconds I just started to itch! Dude was capping what I believe is a fully live cannon (now, mind you at near-contact distance even a blank charge … Continue reading

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Which Side Wants Military Weapons in Schools?

Note not “Military Style” but MILITARY WEAPONS! Los Angeles schools’ police said on Tuesday it would give up three grenade launchers it acquired for free through a federal program now facing mounting scrutiny for supplying local agencies with military-grade equipment, … Continue reading

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Will They Survive?

So we talked about the new Brady BS Lawsuit here, I think we all agree it is a weak lawsuit at best. But then comes this from Dave Hardy, who unlike me, is a lawyer, and a good one at … Continue reading

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