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VC Drinking Game

In Honor of VC going Live, here’s Vector and My take on the Vicious Circle drinking game: – Someone makes fun of Alan’s Apple fanboydom – Someone makes fun of Alan’s age – Jay has technical difficulties (maybe every N … Continue reading

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Like Sausage Being Made

Looks like This Week’s Vicious Circle Will be performed live to all who are sick enough to be interested. Alan is interested on how many people will be listening in, so chime in either here or in his comments to … Continue reading

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Check this out!!! The Bush Cutlass is a sword/machete hybrid. It is not a show piece, and functions just as well as it looks with a polished sharpened edge and an indestructible polypropylene d-guard handle. This tool is a welcome … Continue reading

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Great how fake news so closely mimics the real thing. And you wonder why I don’t watch TV!

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Just White People…

Saw this video, and was surprised at how much it flies in the face of how the other side likes to marginalize anti-tax protests. Now of course I’ll let you make your own race-based judgments, as I said before for … Continue reading

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Passive Agressive Asshole

So I haven’t spent any time covering John Kerry’s new boat, and his transgressions with it, as People like Jay covered it, as well as all the local news stations have been covering it to death. Its an amusing story, … Continue reading

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Chilling Case

This Blood-Chilling Story sent to me by Reader BlackHawk101 A British father is believed to have gone on a murderous rampage, butchering his wife and two daughters — ages 1 and 2 — before hanging himself at their home in … Continue reading

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Now if you Excuse me

Just got a package in the mail. A pair of Recoil Spring Kits for both my 1911s. My stainless government is actually well overdue to be resprung, and I’m ashamed to say I could feel the slide reciprocating during my … Continue reading

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Another Quote

Put this one spesifically in the “Gun Death?” category. “While Lott is nice enough to say firearms crime, the fact is that all crime is far more important than the little subset of “firearms crime” -Laci The Dog (or her … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“What’s a better example of sheep-like behavior than mindlessly repeating catchy one liners, regardless of their veracity?” -MikeB30200 Who’s to complain if our enimies hang themselves with rope they bought with their own money?

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