VC Drinking Game

In Honor of VC going Live, here’s Vector and My take on the Vicious Circle drinking game:

– Someone makes fun of Alan’s Apple fanboydom
– Someone makes fun of Alan’s age
– Jay has technical difficulties (maybe every N times Jay has difficulties, because I don’t think Ted Kennedy could have survived a VC if he had to drink every time Jay cuts out)
– “Kind eyes” EXCEPT when reference is then made to the drinking game
– Reference to Jarsquatter, the screwdriver guy, or any other atrocity of the internet
– Sound effect (Cat Piano, Christina’s reaction to Jarsquatter, etc.)
– Breda sighs or is otherwise exasperated by something someone said
– Alan sighs or is otherwise exasperated by something someone said
– “I’ll be in my bunk!”
– More than 5 seconds of dead air in a row
– Someone makes fun of VC
– Someone announces they’re having a drink (only once per drink)
– “You don’t lose your X, you just lose your turn!” (finish your drink if it’s someone other than Jay or Weer’d)
– Reference to listeners in other countries
-Weer’d makes a rant or statement that nobody understands
-Somebody leaves early (Finish drink if they excuse themselves for a responsible reason like “Work” or “Sleep”)
-Somebody becomes blotto-drunk on-air.
– Alan Breaks in to bring the people back on topic.
-Anytime Stingray (or anyone else, for that matter) says “hipster” or “hipsters”.

Of course no human could survive a single episode, so pick your favorite rules to make your own “House Rules” (That way different VC listening circles get shitfaced at different times). Of course it would be wise to have a phone with 911 cued up, and you should have at least one (Two is better, Remember two is one, one is none!) kinfolk tissue typed for a liver transplant!


No go have a drink, and tune in Tommora!

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0 Responses to VC Drinking Game

  1. bluesun says:

    As Strongbad says: “let’s get this train wreck-a-rollin’!”

  2. Anytime Stingray (or anyone else, for that matter) says “hipster” or “hipsters”.

  3. TJP says:

    Don’t forget:

    “One a time, please!” (Two drinks if Alan has to close-talk the mic to step on everyone’s over-modulated audio clusterfuck)



  4. TJP says:

    That should be, “One AT a time, please!”

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  6. Wally says:

    Aside from VC, I make it a point to take a drink every time I hear a Strongbad quote. I’m working on a riverquest safari for my theme park myself.

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