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Sometimes I think the internet is made just for me! Another one here

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After-Work Funnies

First a Rude song from JP556 from The Conspiracy Then a Link from Ratus who thought I’d be amused having listened to the last VC and reading the Hipster Blog He was right…hell look at Iron Man! YEAH PBR!!! Oh … Continue reading

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1,000 words

Looks like Lissa is already enjoying the free air down in the dick-shaped state. We’ll miss you up here behind enemy lines, but I’m glad you’re enjoying the move! Maybe soon we can be free here! Also I’ll point out … Continue reading

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Great Video

Warning does contain salty language. I know that doesn’t bother you if you read this blog, but out-loud salty does often hit bystanders. Gotta love the line “You don’t know anything about cars do you? You don’t know an AC … Continue reading

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Refuse to be a Victim!

I generally try to keep it to one “Gun Death?” post per day, but this local story I heard about on my drive into work covers so many other topics. The gutsy Wal-Mart shopper who bit, struggled and screamed her … Continue reading

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Creepy Tale

A strange Tale of violence, sex and greed. But not one bit of Gun Death. Neff and Rivera met through an ad listed in the adult services category of the classifieds website Craigslist. Friends say they believe the relationship began … Continue reading

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Play me Out!

Tam hipped me to these guys. Groovy!

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Looks like Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign and the Million Mom March, not to mention she’s in the pocket of the Joyce Foundation (Good work Thirdpower! Quite the incestuous lot those gun-banners are!) Has started the next leg of … Continue reading

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Should You Carry Less-Lethal?

So Breda found this stupid ring that gives an attacker a wiff of pepper spray. It looks like a generally bad device, and what’s said there is all that needs to be said about this POS. Sebastian also talked about … Continue reading

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Another Ironic One

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Names will never hurt me… A man who confessed to fatally stomping a Phoenix woman over a racial slur has been convicted of murder. Maricopa County prosecutors say Jose Preciliano Quintero was … Continue reading

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