About that Time

Vicious Circle at 9pm Eastern 8 Central. Alan has told me it’ll be live tonight. We’ll see if he’s lying or not.

I’m going to go mix myself one of these for the show

I’m dumping the Vodka from mine and using New Amsterdam Gin as its very mellow in the first place which is why the Vodka is added, and I’ll be using a lime garnish as I don’t have any lemons, and I prefer Limes.

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  1. Nancy R. says:

    That sound fantastic. I wonder where in the world I’d find the Lillet around here. Well, not around *here*, but say, within 30 – 60 miles …

  2. Turtle says:

    Hey crazy man. Long time no talk! I ran into Mr. Spencer tonight and asked about you and M. He gave me the bread crumbs that lead me here – very glad to see that M. is doing ok. Heard about the surgery when my mom ran into J. somewhere – but didn’t know whereabouts you folks were living these days…. and wasn’t sure the best way to get in touch.

    Email me and tell me how (and where?) you are?

    Love and healing wishes to you both from your old and out-of-touch SoPo schoolmate.


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