Another Non-“Gun Death”

Bob has sent me lots of local stories from Texas. Remember what groupls like the Brady Campaign, and the Violence Policy Center say about Texas when you read This Story

A 26-year-old Dallas man was arrested this week on a capital murder charge in the fatal beating and robbery of another man, according to police documents….Detectives believe Braxton and the other man beat McGee on his head and body with wooden boards in the 3700 block of Pine Street near Scyene Road and Second Avenue.

Gun Control Capitals like Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, are awash in violent crime, and there are pleanty of “Gun Crimes” and “Gun Deaths” as the people who implemented the restrictive laws like to count. They’ll claim that the guns are not an example of the failure of THEIR laws, but the failure of neighboring state’s laws.

Meanwhile in Texas, two men beat another man to death with wooden boards. You wonder why the anti-rights advocates are so hung up on “Gun Death”, it distracts people from reality which is their enemy!.

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