Creepy Case

Bob Sent me this story

Authorities in Bahrain arrested a suspect Tuesday in the case of a Canadian singer whose body was found stuffed inside a suitcase at London’s Heathrow Airport in 1999, according to London’s Scotland Yard.

The force said that Youssef Ahmed Wahid was arrested in the Gulf state in what it described as a planned operation and his extradition was pending.

The body of 28-year-old Fatima Kama was found when a member of the public spotted a black suitcase abandoned on the third floor of a Heathrow Airport parking lot July 17, 1999. A security guard forced the bag open to find her in the fetal position. A post-mortem revealed she’d been stabbed more than 10 times.

Creepy story, also on an odd note I had somebody show up at my blog from Bahrain a while back.

Seems the suspected killer has lived in many nations, all of which have very strict gun control, and England where the murder was committed also has very strong knife laws. Didn’t seem to stop the murder. It does count as a “Knife Death”, but nit a “Gun Death”.

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