Death Ray

As a continuation to this post I read this story on Hot Air.

Don’t blame them. It was your elected representatives, in bipartisan fashion, who passed an anti-smoking statute last year requiring the FDA to impose more “graphic” health warnings on cigarette packaging. Evidently putting “you’ll get cancer” on the side of the carton is no longer deemed a sufficient deterrent to lighting one up, so now we’re actually going to thrust photos of putrefying flesh into smokers’ faces in hopes of steering them away.

First up, I don’t know a single smoker who thinks its a healthy habit. I don’t know anybody who STARTED smoking because they thought it was a healthy habit. Also I know VASTLY more people who have QUIT smoking than who have died of smoking related complications….and unless you work in the thoracic ward of a hospital so do you.

Also let’s go right to the heart, Nicotine is a drug, and its a really nice and attractive drug, also besides the clouds of billowing smoke, and the dry hacking cough of a long-time smoker its a very socially acceptable drug, as it doesn’t impair motor reflexes or inhibitions while it delivers relaxation and mild euphoria.

Now let’s look at OTHER drugs, and yes, THOSE drugs. Ever heard of uppity suburban kids traveling into gang-land ghetto to score drugs? Ever known a person or people who hung out with people they didn’t really like because that person had a line on illegal drugs? Ever know a woman who has had sex with a man, or a man who has plied a woman with drugs?

People are willing to do things they don’t like for drugs they enjoy. Do you think putting an ugly picture on the side of the pack is going to make a lick of difference? (PDF of Proposed Images Here) Also Robb pointed out high-res full-color images will add to the cost of a pack of smokes. Given that the Government takes a 50% cut off the top of a pack of smokes (Given that the .gov just collects their cut, and the Smoke company has to grow, make, and distribute the butts, big daddy gov is making MORE on smokes than the tobacco companies are), I doubt the added cost will do anything but hurt the pockets of poor people who smoke.

Also look at those images! Why not just be so full of shit and say smoking will kill you instantly, that way people will just see the blatant lies and maybe be lead to think that smoking is actually HEALTHY, because that’s such a good idea.


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  1. WallPhone says:

    Seems to be a movement.

    Don’t go and see what Singapore and Brazil do. Just. Don’t.

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