Does this Count as “Gun Death”?

Kinda like how some opressive societies count air guns as “Firearms” (the word “Fire” is in there for a reason Compressed gas != Burning propellant….then again when Junior gets busted out in the Burbs for causing mayhem with a potato cannon, you never hear it called a “Firearm”….) There are some other options.

Police in Australia have released an X-ray photograph showing the 35 nails that were shot into a man’s skull in a brutal murder last year.

The victim of the attack was Chen Liu, a 27-year-old Chinese immigrant on a student visa, whose tightly bound and badly decomposed body was found by children on a marsh in southern Sydney.

Do Nail Guns count as “Gun Death”? Wouldn’t suprise me how many of these jokers gather “Data”. Either way it again points that the tool is not as relevant.

H/t Cueball

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