Da Wookie

I mentioned “Wookie Suit” to Vector and Jesse the other day, and neither of them had heard it before. The term comes from Tam

A libertarian. Esp. one who owns multiple Mosin-Nagants and a longbox full of comic books, reads science fiction, and refers to their minivan as the “Millennium Falcon”.

The origin is New Hampshire’s own Dave Ridley

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  1. Vector says:

    It wasn’t that we hadn’t heard of it (you’ve been using it for months), it was that you used it as a total non sequitur to the conversation.
    Then again, we’ve known you long enough that we should have just smiled and nodded. 🙂

  2. NightPaws says:

    You know, I always thought the Wookie Suit was the Tundra Wookie’s mate. Maybe it’s a location nomenclature type thing…

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