Don’t Need a Gun! Police Will Protect You!

For some odd reason I have concern about our Brothers where Great Briton Used to Be so I did a quick news search. Found Two Stories. Click on quote for full stories:

Accused murderer Raoul Moat is still giving police the chase five days after a string of vicious shootings, but investigators may be one step closer to locking up the runaway gunman.

Its not like the Island is THAT big, and its not like it isn’t an ISLAND! WTF??
Not the first time either:

The search for Raoul Moat has evoked memories of a previous manhunt in which a gunman managed to evade police for 18 days by going to ground in rural England. Barry Prudom, 37, persistently outwitted police in North Yorkshire after shooting dead two policemen and a civilian 28 years ago.

Prudom, 37, who also had a grudge against police, went on the run after killing Pc David Haigh, 29, by shooting him in the head as he was conducting car checks at a picnic site near Harrogate on June 17, 1982. Up to 1,000 officers were mobilised to search for Prudom, an outdoor and military enthusiast, but no trace was found of him until he turned up in Girton, Notts., five days later and killed civilian George Luckett before stealing his car.

The story goes on, but frankly its too depressing for me to keep quoting….

Advocates for civilian disarment speak glowingly about the protective umbrella of the Police, and of course if their bans actually work **Hint: they won’t** you will be much safer, as there will be less Gun Death!

Now I won’t disparage police. They do good work, and are a necessity for a healthy society of laws. But just like I don’t expect the fire department to rescue me, and save my property from fire, I don’t expect the police to ride in like the Calvary from some foolish Hollywood movie and save me from violent assault.

Nope, I have fire extinguishers throughout my house, and I have an escape plan, and alternate plan to get out of my home if its overtaken by fire. *FYI if I needed yet another escape route, don’t these things look cool?* I also keep defensive arms handy in case of violent attack. I also have plans in the event that I am attacked without a gun. I will never allow myself to be a victim.

Police are great, but don’t have them be your one-and-only plan. One must ALWAYS have backup plans!

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  1. Bob S. says:


    You also forgot to mention the millions of Closed Circuit Television cameras they have.
    Maybe that is because too many of those CCTVs (like the cops) are focused on watching for dangerous jay walkers or people who put out their rubbish bin an hour too early.

    I will never allow myself to be a victim.

    I’ll restate this because no matter how good or careful we are, we just might end up a victim.

    I will never allow myself to be a passive victim.

    As I proved recently with my car fire, the fire department (like the police) are the back up. I am the first responder in my life situations.

  2. Paul Kanesky says:

    The right to self defense is a god given right and no man or government can take it away. They try, and in some cases almost succeed. ie: England, Nazi Germany, USSR, etc. We here in the US are not docile subjects as are most of the european peoples. We are also much more of a melting pot of peoples from all over the world who came here to be free. I guess you could say we were misfits in the old country and came here because we would not tolerate the oppressive rules put apon man in most of these old world nations. The police and firefighters are the first responders but we the people are the instant responders, and are responsible for our own well being. We are also the first people to say the government exists to serve the people. The people do not exist to serve the government.
    When any government establishes so many laws to control the people that they become oppressive, the people eventually lose respect for all laws. I believe our elected servants have forgotton they serve us, and have started to think they rule us. This November and in 2012 we may see many changes, but we cannot just relax and say we made our point. We must kep the pressure on and teach our children and grandchildren to maintain that pressure. Teach them that nice sounding help the poor BS is just that. The government cannot give to any man what it has not first taken from another. If I wish to be charitable I will decide to who and how much I will give. England will collapse and the productive people (there are still some) will take over and England will again become great. Probably not in my lifetime but it will happen. We here in the US owe many thanks to obama for exposing the agenda of the statists and I see a powerful backlash. They made their move too soon.
    Paul in Texas

  3. Linoge says:

    Seems like you might want to check for an unclosed [em] / [i] tag… 😉

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