Flying the Unfriendly

I have mixed feelings about Air travel post 9-11. OK my feelings are pretty set, it sucks, and it accomplishes nothing for safety, but on the other hand I’d never flown Jet Blue before 9-11…and I rather like their accommodations. Needless to say if I can drive there with only minimal time penalties, I’ll prefer to drive. But When, say I attended a wedding is Seattle, or visit relatives in Florida, it really doesn’t add up. Looks like Tam took a flight having abstained for quite a while (Ooops I’m a Dum-hed, 1st post is about city hall security, which is just as dumb)

Looks like the booger-eaters at the “Security” check-point didn’t like her Wi-Fi Detector. Money Quote:

I went back into the checkpoint, stripped of a dumb RF receiver, and was allowed through with two transmitters (cell phone and Bimmer key fob) not to mention a pressurized incendiary container full of highly-flammable butane.

Pulling my stuff out of the tray, I looked back at the guard and asked, as sweetly as possible, “So, where do I go vote… for whoever’s gonna fire you?”

Here here, Fire them all, use some of the money to keep the FBI and the CIA happily watching the assholes who aren’t shy about saying they want to kill us, and leave those of us who just want to spend good money to ride in a cramped seat in a glorified Grayhound Buss in the Sky the hell alone.

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  1. Am I missing something? The first post which you quote was about security at city hall, not at the airport.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Shit, there I am skimming again. Tam’s previous post (2nd Link) was about flying and how it sucks…I saw another post about metal detectors and just Assumed…..Ass…out of Me….or whatever 🙂

      Thanks I’ll Edit

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