Friday Funny!

This is some serious funny shit!

Stolen from Hiro.

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  1. Chris in Texas says:

    I think that might be taken from some Air Force website. IIRC, IFF stands for Identify Friend/Foe.

    ‘course, it might also mean that the Irish Fencing Federation is not working properly. Your guess is as good as mine.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I take things like this with a grain of salt as to their reality. (I suspect be it Corporate America, or Military, or FAA, as a general rule the high-ups in such locations tend to be light on humor in the first place)

      Still it made me laugh a LOT!

  2. Sailorcurt says:

    IFF stands for “Identification Friend or Foe”, and was originally designed as a military system, but has been used in the civilian world for many years, so that gripe isn’t necessarily limited to military aircraft. Civilian planes use it primarily to identify themselves to Air Traffic Control.

    I have, however, seen many variations of this list of gripes over the years purportedly from different places. The gripes themselves are fairly believable based on experience which is what makes this list so funny and timeless to aviation maintenance people.

    At any rate, I started to include a story about a funny gripe/signoff of my own, but the comment length quickly became ridiculous so I moved it over to my blog if you’re interested.

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