From a Land of “Sensible Gun Control”

A young girl killed and many more injured, including Police. In Russia where the gun laws are deemed “Sensible”. Granted Russia DOES have a high “Gun Death” rate, but does such a metric seem relevant to you? How about to the family of the dead girl?

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  1. George says:

    I spent a week in Moscow, learning about banking and real estate. My takeaway was that law, as we understand it, doesn’t exist there. The law is what the bureaucrat you are dealing with at the moment says it is. Bribery is common and in the open. Gun control laws there, like here, apply only to some of the population. The politically connected, or those who pay the bribes, have little trouble accessing firearms.

    And your broader point is well taken, as well. Death and violence are death and violence…regardless of the means or mechanism.

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