How much gun craziness must our nation endure before more of our politicians start standing up to the extremist minority to enforce the common aspiration of the majority of Americans, including NRA members, for reasonable gun laws to protect the safety and security of our families and communities?

-Dennis Henigan of the Brady Campaign

Keep those posts coming. They are the very loud minority whose views have become so extreme as to defy reason.

-Joan Peterson, Million Mom March and Brady Campaign.

They obviously read the same newsletter. Also they don’t seem to be very concerned with reality.
That’s a protest funded by “Protest Easy Guns” (I bit ironic as everybody in that building was legally disarmed by North Carolina’s stupid gun laws. The laws were so restrictive, despite having a permit recognized by North Carolina, I left all my guns at home) now look at this picture

I stepped behind the protest and took a picture on how THEY were seeing things. There you have 12 protesters organized by an official Political Action Group, and well over 100 NRA members (I can’t say “Grass Roots” in this case as the NRA is also among other things a PAC, so Apples to Apples) And according to most news sources there were 70,000 members present at the convention over the weekend.

If we’re the “Fringe Minority”, where’s the rest of your group?

Hell look at the other side of the coin

Nelson was among 75 gun owners and gun rights advocates who attended a barbecue at Back Cove Park in Portland on Sunday to celebrate the right for Mainers to openly carry firearms. Many at the barbecue wore holstered handguns…The barbecue was organized by Shane Belanger, a freshman pre-med biology major, who said he had no political motive other than to simply throw a barbecue for like-minded people.

A 19 year old college student was able to bring by the paper’s count “75 gun owners” together in MAINE. Heck I almost went there, but I had another appointment and had to get back to Massachusetts.

The event drew dozens of onlookers and a group of 30 protesters organized by Dan Skolnik, a city councilor for District 3 in Portland.

30 is a good deal better than “Protest Easy Guns” little spat of 12, and certainly 75/30 is a LOT closer than 70,000/12. Still this was by a City Official, and that’s all he got?

Again if we’re so fringe, why do we always grossly outnumber the opposition?

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  1. mike w. says:

    Weer’d – I found a video from that day. We were trying to convince Breda to go lay on the banner and she was asking “Can I?”

  2. Bob S. says:

    Consider an email that I received this weekend — 60 people showed up to shot Sporting Clays at the club: 49 members and 11 guests.

    We routinely have 100+ people show up for a monthly business meeting and dinner for the Gun Club — on a Tuesday night. We average over 300 people attending our yearly banquet — where they have to pay $30 per person.

    We have over 2,000 members in our club. And there are a dozen or so clubs and ranges in the area.

    Yeah, tell me we are a minority. I’ll buy that as much as I buy the laws you advocate are ‘reasonable’

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah I forgot to mention in Yesterday’s range report that EVERY lane was filled at the range I was shooting on, and every range had bodies on it.

      Also the guy who runs the sporting clays say its takes about 4 hours to run a full round these days.

  3. mike w. says:

    As for who is in the minority. Take one look at any of our blogrolls. How many active bloggers are on them? How many gun bloggers showed up in Charlotte?

    I rest my case.

    Someone should let me know when the anti-gunners hold a blog bash / annual meeting.

    Also, she let a factually devastating comment through on her most recent post. (I commented anonymously, maybe she just missed it)

  4. Chris in Texas says:

    I’ve been quietly following your interactions with japete for the last couple of weeks. It seems to me that she (and presumably the organization she represents) wants to ban all private sales of guns, under the guise of “closing the gun show loophole.”

    My question is, how? How could one conceivably ban all private sales of handguns, in any way that would be even remotely enforceable? Unless of course all guns were registered upon purchase. Much easier to track that way.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      If she offered any honest dialogue (she doesn’t) I’d ask her why it hasn’t worked in Massachusetts. All sales must be done through the state and be recorded with both parties permit number. Besides fear of prosecution (which threatens EVERY prohibited person from buying a gun ANYWHERE) what stops me from just ignoring that law?

      That’s it. And as you see in this post http://www.weerdworld.com/2010/the-face-of-gun-control/ violating Mass Gun Laws is punishable only for lawful people found to have violated laws on technicalities. When it comes to gang members, drug dealers, and gun runners, it isn’t really an issue.

      Gun control advocates may CLAIM to be after the insane, the violent, and terrorists….but they only person they have their sights set on is people like us. We’re lawful gun owners and they’ll keep pushing laws until that stops!

  5. Kevin H. says:

    Chris, I’m thinking their plan goes like this:
    1) Ban private sale
    2) All transfers recorded via NICS
    3) “Modernize” NICS to create backdoor registration
    4) ???
    5) PROFIT!!1!

  6. alcade says:

    There’s a county-level pro gun group near me that prints a montly newspaper. They’ve got their minutes to all their meetings and the lists of attendees is always very long. It’s pretty impressive considering it’s only a moderately populated county in east central IL. Always a lot more people than any of those “Million Moms” can muster.

    Their newspaper is actually pretty good reading, although it does look a bit amateur. You’d probably like it. They also have deals with farmers along I-57 (that leads to Chicago) to post rhyming signs at the edges of their fields with pro gun messages.

    Check them out – http://www.gunssavelife.com

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