“Gun Death” Cord and a Wheelchair

There are two reasons why I do this “Gun Death?” series. One is to ridicule those who use the metric “Gun Death” as results or goals for their political ventures. Is a person beaten, stabbed, or strangled any less dead than somebody shot? If not why focus on only one type of death? Hell a stabbing isn’t even less VIOLENT than a shooting. The second reason is to show that even in a world without guns violence will go on, and also to show that sometimes the absence of guns is a very bad thing.

The brother of slain paraplegic William Boykin said Friday he and his siblings forgive the person who killed their brother, but they want whomever is responsible to come forward and face justice…Police found William Boykin inside his bloodied minivan in an alley off Ferguson Lane near Dayton View Park. The Air Force veteran and grandfather of 16 had been stabbed numerous times and strangled with a cord. His family last saw him at church Sunday.

Now people confined to wheelchairs are considered handicapped for a reason, they lack the mobility, sometimes the strength of a fully mobile person. Do you think Mr. Boykin would have benefited from a firearm that day? Certainly his attacker, with full use of his legs had an advantage.

Those who support gun bans and gun control are asking for a Might is Right society. I don’t want to live in that society. Do you?

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  1. Jake says:

    Those who support gun bans and gun control are asking for a Might is Right society.

    That’s exactly what they want. Did you catch this QOTD post over at Joe Huffman’s?

    Just ban all guns. Except police. If you have a gun get the death penalty. So either your a cop or a criminal. Guns are stupid. A real man will protect himself with his fist like we were born to do. A big fat Wussy will use a gun because he is a chicken-s&*t that has to kill someone to get his point across.

    December 22, 2010
    Comment to Gun Control Now!!!

    People like that don’t care that someone in a wheelchair, or someone like my 62 year old father with a bad back and history of heart problems, doesn’t have the strength to defend themselves in a fistfight against a young, fit attacker. Heck, I’d probably have issues, too – I’m out of shape, with a bad back and an old hip injury that acts up sometimes. And what would he have my mother do?

    Also, I wonder what he would think about his nice little “Might is Right” society when he realizes he’s not the one with the might?

  2. TJP says:

    Well if you don’t like the gundeath metric, there’s always the getting-guns-off-the-streets metric. I hear that for every five BB guns turned in at a “buy back”, one guy in a wheelchair is saved. It’s kind of like televangelism, but the participants deny their beliefs are based on faith.

    • AuricTech says:


      Nanny Bloomberg says that, for every 100 people in poverty who turn in self-defense weapons, another B-list celebrity earns another armed bodyguard….


  3. Old NFO says:

    Concur and good points!

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