“Gun Death” Infanticide

Its as simple as this.

Moore died on Christmas Eve at the Children’s Hospital in St. Paul of traumatic head injuries she allegedly received on Dec. 22 while in Turrubiates’ care at her home in Olivia.

Moore is 19 month old Tina Moore. When it comes to young children a weapon isn’t needed to end a life. It only takes a bit more effort to end an adult life without weapons.

So why are some only concerned with weapons?

Because they don’t care.

h/t MaddMedic

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Good point, good point… And what IS a weapon? I knife, a bat, a pencil… or is it ONLY a gun… sigh

  2. Maddmedic says:

    What is a weapon?
    Last night we were with extended family at a nearby waterpark in a Holiday Inn.
    I begrudgingly left my “weapon” secured in my vehicle and enjoyed my evening. But I was not “unarmed” I did have my Benchmade clipped to my pocket and while hanging out in the small conference room we were using for our “base” food, clothes, towels coats etc and using my new CRUZ Reader. I realized my “stylus”(formerly used with my retired Compaq Tablet) approx 6 inches long pointed, about as large as a pen, actually larger, would very easily penetrate and reach what I needed in the chest cavity.
    So there you have it!!
    What is a weapon??

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