Gun Death? Drunk Driver

People often say one can’t compare guns and cars. I agree, I rarely hear about somebody having an accident with a gun that mows down a crowd of people.

Headed home after a night out in Dinkytown, a group of friends skirted a construction site blocking the sidewalk and continued along the road’s edge, walking unwittingly into the path of an allegedly drunken driver who slammed into the group, leaving a young woman dead and a man badly hurt.

Kandyce Stoffel, 23, of Mound, died Monday after being struck about 3 a.m. Sunday near 12th Avenue and 4th Street SE. in Minneapolis.

The driver, John R. Peterson, 23, of Maplewood, was charged Tuesday with criminal-vehicular homicide and criminal-vehicular operation and remains jailed in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Some things can be inherently dangerous, and must be handled with respect and caution. I don’t see any reason to make distinctions on what item was misused when a death was involved….do you?

H/t: Cueball

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  1. maddmedic says:

    Our liberal judges love to let most everyone off with a little wrist slapping.
    My question is how many past “incidents” has driver had?
    Dinkytown is right next to UofM campus and a popular area for students.

    Of course our very own Joan Peterson will never comment on something that kills, maims and ruins more lives then law abiding “guns” ever will..

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