“Gun Death” Out the Window

Not only a “Gun Death?” story, but also a “Bad Justice” IMHO:

AN 18-year-old woman was held Tuesday on $US1500 bail after she allegedly gave birth to a baby boy in the bathroom of her Boston apartment and then tossed him out of the window into a trash-strewn alley,

Infants are so fragile and dependent its lucky this baby lived. I’ve detailed several cases of mothers killing their own, and of all the cases I’ve read I can’t recall a single one where a gun was used to commit murder.

Ms Flores is accused of causing her son possible permanent harm after he fell 5m into an alley paved with cement where he was found after a neighbour heard the infant’s cries and called for help.

The baby suffered from hypothermia, had abrasions on his face and body, and his brain was swelling and bleeding, according to doctors at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Horrible, and let’s look to the “Bad Justice” bit:

Eva Flores pleaded not guilty in East Boston Municipal Court to charges of reckless endangerment of a child and assault and battery of a child in connection with the incident on September 20.

Can ANYBODY argue that tossing a new-born baby out the window and into an concrete alley isn’t attempted murder?

A sick case indeed!

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  1. Sailorcurt says:

    But all that was, was a post-partum abortion.

    That mass of cells came out of her body. Her body, her choice, right?

    I know I’m being ridiculously facetious, but I honestly don’t see all that much difference between what she did and an abortion. The only difference is timing.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Not as ridiculous as one might think. I was born premature are evidently had a few close calls with death in my first few days. President Kennedy had a son who was more developed and heavier than me who died

      Nowadays 4+lbs preemies need extra care, but generally pull through.

      The whole concept of “just a lump of cells” is such an evolving paradigm that I think its deeply flawed to use.

      So personally I’m VERY pro life. My personal stance is “Life Begins at Embryo Implantation”, fertilization is still VERY touch-and-go biologically, but implantation is a very good start for making a human.

      Of course I’m also intelligent and know that abortions have been around for damn near forever, and aren’t going anywhere, so I’d prefer to keep this particular murderous monster as safe and controlled as possible. Dead babies suck, dead mothers who tired to kill their babies in inventive ways under a prohibition sucks more….

  2. Bob S. says:

    Notice the bias, via word selection, in the article.

    If a father had attempted to murder an infant by shooting, it would have been phrased much differently.

    It seems the paper is trying to minimize the horrendous nature of the crime. I also certainly don’t see calls for licensing people to have children, calls for psychological exams prior to birth control being removed, etc in order to reduce the “thrown baby” death rate.

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