“Gun Death” Snow

Snow’s a commin to the Northeast and Bob S. sends me this story.

Following what police described as “years of arguing”, the two neighbours, aged 45 and 49, got into a heated discussion over who was responsible for removing snow from the joint entrance to their properties, authorities said.

The 45-year-old then whacked his older neighbour over the head with the shovel.

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“He was so badly injured that he died on the spot,” Lutz Flassnoecker, a police spokesman, said.

I must be lucky, often times we’ll help each other with common areas on my block. I’ll often shovel the bottom of my neighbor’s driveway just because its not much more effort from doing my own. If that neighbor beats me out after a storm, I’ll find part of my driveway shoveled. My other neighbor has a snow blower, and he’ll often do the whole line of sidewalks while he’s out.

I don’t ask, but we might all be carrying guns too. The Pro-Ignorance, Anti-Freedom types might say that a group of people shoveling snow, packing pistols is far more dangerous than two men, unarmed shoveling snow.

Make sense to you?

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  1. Linoge says:

    I would say that a fatal blow from a snow shovel would constitute significantly more than just a “whack”.

    But remember – the murderer would have been so very much more deadly if he had had a firearm! And the victim would be so very much more dead. Or something.

    *sigh* Ever since that monolith thingie showed up, we humans have been employing tools to “whack” each other, figuratively and literally, until the cows come home – only a complete backbirth would think that attempting to regulate one such tool out of existence (like that is ever going to happen) would stop such a thing.

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