“Gun Death” Sucker Punch Pt II

Mentioned This Case last week, and Reader and all-around good guy Wally sent me this story.

Benson and a woman who worked with him at the Lowe’s store in Portland were walking through Monument Square shortly before 1:30 a.m. when they encountered Googins and two friends who had been drinking at several bars in the Old Port, police said.

The men directed some derogatory comments at the woman, which made her feel threatened, police said, and after a brief exchange between the two parties, Googins punched Benson.

No weapon was used, but police say the single punch knocked Benson unconscious and he fell on the brick plaza.

The woman screamed, and as witnesses responded, the men ran. When police arrived, witnesses were talking to emergency dispatchers and doing CPR. Benson was taken to Maine Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead shortly before noon Sunday.

Wow, there appear to be a LOT of stories like this coming from Portland Maine. Not the “No Weapons Was Used” bit. I guess we need to ban fists….or maybe just bring back prohibition, as the people were drinking. That worked well.

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