“Gun Death” Sucker Punch

Here’s a local story from my home town.

Police are investigating an altercation in the Old Port that sent a Portland man to the hospital last weekend with serious head injuries.

Assistant Police Chief Michael Sauschuck said Garrett McAdam, 23, was injured when he fell on his head after someone punched him….The couple said the attack left their son with a fractured temple bone and a hematoma that required emergency brain surgery. The incident occurred shortly after midnight Sunday near the intersection of Fore Street and Plum Alley.

Sounds like he’s recovering, but he has a long way to go. Also word is McAdam was just about to Join the Military, this very well may end that plan for him.

I was unable to find a news archive of it, but back when I was in High School a similar incident happened in the same area. I guess its some sort of Gang-Initiation where you punch an unsuspecting person with the goal to knock them out with a single punch. Who knows how often this happens, but back in the 90s a man was killed in VERY similar circumstances. He was walking with friends when somebody came up from behind and hit him. The man fell to the street and hitting the pavement he suffered a fatal brain injury.

Of course Portland Maine continues to do their best to restrict guns and gun owners. Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor, doesn’t it?

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  1. Wally says:

    There was a similar fatality in Portland in Spring. Some fellow attacks another guy, guy falls and hits his head on the curb, fatally.

    Portland is probably the number one anti-gun location in the state, to the point where they routinely violate state law. OC is legal in maine, but OC (or is it OC after sundown?) in Portland will get you disarmed and your gun confiscated. Even though OC is legal, the PD enforce “policy”

    Conveniently, my policy is concealed means concealed, and I will not set foot in the old port without a double stack sidearm.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Wow, I hadn’t heard about that one. I can only imagine how many don’t get reported because the injuries are minor.

      The last time I was in the Old Port, it was during daylight hours (Mom and I went to Becky’s for Breakfast then went for a long wander) and I was simply rocking my J-Frame.

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