“Gun Death” Sword and Bible

Ok THIS is a strange one.

Police say an “Ugly Betty” actor is now facing charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon after he held his mother hostage and then murdered her with a samurai sword while screaming Bible passages Tuesday in Brooklyn.

WTF? Man that is a MESSED up story. I hope that drugs or mental illness are a factor here because that’s just too strange to wrap my mind around.

Of course you’ll note the weapons charges, see swords are heavily restricted in New York City…good thing too! No word if Mayor and Totalitarian Dictator Michael Bloomberg is going to take steps to ban bibles….

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**Update** Thanks to falnfenix for providing more info on this story here. Appears to be a Masonic sword and Michael Brea was a Mason. Warning there are bloody crime-scene photos in the blog post. She has the first comment on the blog.

I really wonder if he’s got a brain tumor that simply hasn’t yet been diagnosed. It could explain both the headache and the violent behavior.

Those are my exact thoughts. This really reminds me of Charles Whitman.

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  1. julie says:

    mmm http://www.peaceloveandammunition.com/ works for me – latest entry Nov 20th … ah, yours is missing the second last “i”.

  2. maddmedic says:

    How about this.
    Car+Drunk= 4 pedestrians struck (1 dead the rest serious or critical)
    Where is the outrage?
    We should be banning those damn cars!!

  3. falnfenix says:

    that article has incorrect info. this link has more information (and pictures of the sword and the apartment – blood warning to those with squeamish stomachs).

  4. “He couldn’t do that! There’s an amandment that protects– … oh.”

  5. Jake says:

    I really wonder if he’s got a brain tumor that simply hasn’t yet been diagnosed. It could explain both the headache and the violent behavior.

    That’s a real possibility. This sounds a lot like paranoid schizophrenia (which could be tumor-induced, but not necessarily). IIRC (and I could be wrong – my Abnormal Psych class sucked because the Professor was frelling useless and spent more time bragging about his own “accomplishments” than teaching the material) it’s not uncommon to for headaches to accompany the first schizophrenic break. He’s a bit older than normal for that, but not too far outside the normal range for it to be unusual.

    • falnfenix says:

      i hadn’t considered paranoid schizophrenia, but doesn’t that tend to surface after some sort of trauma? i could be way off…

      • Weerd Beard says:

        My whole point is he doesn’t seem like a drugged-out hard-living whack-job who might do this. Now if Charlie Sheen chopped up a hooker with an axe all while quoting lines from Hot Shots, I wouldn’t be looking for a medical reason for the violent behavior…

      • Jake says:

        Sometimes, but IIRC it usually surfaces on its own. Usually, it does so in the early to mid twenties, but 31 isn’t that far off.

      • Jake says:

        Also, keep in mind my caveat: My Abnormal Psych class was essentially self-study in the guise of a normal class (not only did he not teach, the homework and tests were only barely connected to the subject matter, being designed instead to justify his requiring us to buy his “textbook” in addition to the actual textbook), I was distracted by some personal issues at the time, and the nature of those same personal issues pushed my subject matter interest to another area of the class.

        Basically, “I am not an expert” and I could be way off base.

        • falnfenix says:

          yeah, i think i’d have dropped that class rather early or transferred to another section…heh.

          still, though, you probably do know more about it than me.

          • Jake says:

            Unfortunately, he was the only one teaching that class – it’s a community college, so certain departments don’t have much staff – and I needed Abnormal Psych for the degree I was working toward at the time.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Wow that Prof sounds like a total dick!

          I did have one prof who had us use some software she’d written as part of a class, but at least she didn’t charge us!

          • Jake says:

            Yup, he was. Even worse, his book was just a collection of 1-2 paragraph (or shorter) excerpts from a whole bunch of other books and publications. Not one bit of original work, research, or text in the whole bloody thing – and our weekly homework was to do an outline of the assigned chapter. Have you ever tried to do an outline of a collection of 1-2 paragraph excerpts? You practically rewrite the whole “book”!

            He also spent most of each class talking about how he met famous person X, or attended/taught at X prestigious college, or practiced at such-and-such prestigious clinic/hospital, or, well you get the idea. If we were lucky, he might get through the first 10 minutes of class before wandering off topic.

            It was really the last thing I needed at the time. Fortunately, it seems he didn’t really care about the class either. While I did well on the regular tests, due to the personal issues I was dealing with at the time, I only did about half the “homework” assignments, and missed the final exam (which was supposed to be half our final grade) completely – but still passed with an “A”.

  6. TJP says:

    “I really wonder if he’s got a brain tumor that simply hasn’t yet been diagnosed. It could explain both the headache and the violent behavior.”

    No. It couldn’t possibly be something inside his own body, and infallible social engineers couldn’t possibly have overlooked someone who was truly suffering and actually in need. The real reason *must* be listed here:

    [ ] 2 Live Crew
    [ ] Asbestos
    [ ] Autism
    [ ] Bullying
    [ ] Capitalism
    [ ] Cell phone use while driving
    [ ] Chemtrails
    [ ] Copying other criminals
    [ ] Depleted Uranium
    [ ] Dungeons & Dragons
    [ ] Facebook.com
    [ ] Gangsta Rap
    [ ] Global Warming
    [ ] Guns
    [ ] Harry Potter
    [ ] Heathenism
    [ ] Homosexuals
    [ ] Illuminati, the
    [ ] Inhalation of aerosol propellants
    [ ] Inoculations
    [ ] Internet, the
    [ ] Jews
    [ ] Jim Morrison’s obscene behavior on-stage
    [ ] Large breasts
    [ ] Laser light show at Blue Oyster Cult concert
    [ ] Lax sword-control laws
    [ ] Lax Free Mason-control laws
    [ ] Listening to Vicious Circle
    [ ] Marijuana
    [ ] Marxism
    [ ] Masonic temple at Ground Zero
    [ ] McDonald’s menu
    [ ] Metallic Lead
    [ ] Microsoft
    [ ] Myspace.com
    [ ] Nuclear Power
    [ ] Porn viewed while over the age of 18
    [ ] Porn viewed while under the age of 18
    [ ] Racism
    [ ] Reading of banned books
    [ ] Religion
    [ ] Result of inaction by Congress
    [ ] ROTC on campus
    [ ] Silver dental fillings
    [ ] State-run health care, lack of
    [ ] Suburban sprawl
    [ ] Tanning salons
    [ ] Teaching to the test
    [ ] Terror
    [ ] Testicles
    [ ] The TEA Party
    [ ] Toxics in, toxics out
    [ ] Unauthorized Journalism (blogging)
    [ ] Use of ‘goto’ command
    [ ] Using ANSI C instead of object-oriented C++
    [ ] UV emissions from CFL bulbs
    [ ] Violent video games
    [ ] Visual Basic
    [ ] WikiLeaks
    [ ] Wind farm ice throws

    (Please check all that apply. Thanks.)

  7. Weerd Beard says:

    @Jake. I once had a prof so bad he’d ramble about whatever he felt like then come test time it would be just some generic test based on the lecture syllabus, which he never followed. I simply quit going to class and would read the text book. I was just barely passing with a D at the end of the first half. Passed with a high B at the end of the semester. Probably would have aced it if I’d figured him out sooner.

  8. Linoge says:

    Wow. As usual, anti-rights nuts are all too eager to call us out as being “the next up to show up in the news, covered in blood”, and conveniently happen to ignore actual criminals showing up in the news covered in blood.

    In other news, god damn that is warped… I suppose the good new is that this whackjob will eventually find out just how very off-base he was, first-hand, from the supposed source of his demonic possession prognosis, but that is small comfort for his mother. Really do have to wonde what the medical diagnosis of him will reveal…

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