A lot of talk is going around about this story.

I HATE stories like this because they garner a lot of sympathy from me for people who I really have no sympathy for. First up I take every line from this and any other story with a grain of salt, as it was a set-up from the word “Go”, so who knows what guilt rides where, and who’s telling the truth. But using occam’s razor I suspect little Johnny Jihad does actually hate Americans and probably would want to blow up a few if given a chance. Ok, if that’s true I don’t like him, but there are lots of people walking around who probably feel like that, who I also don’t like, and like this rube don’t actually DO anything harmful be it from incompetence, or fear of procicution, or just lack of motivation. He gets contacted by the FBI posing as big-daddy terrorist.org and asked him to blow up a van full of “Explosives”. The kid agrees and triggers a detonator on a van filled with dummy bombs. Feebs swoop in and claim victory.

But what do they have? I see this as no different than people buying chunks of washing powder from cops, or bags of oregano thinking they’re drugs. Or the creep who is chatting with a “13 year old girl” who is in fact a 40 year old Policeman. Or the guy chatting to a “Hooker” who DOES intend to handcuff him….but then will show him her badge and backup.

Now I’ll say that Jihadis (or Anarchist Militias, or White Supremacists, or whatever groups want to commit mass murder) and pedophiles creep me out, and I am happy when they get fair-and-square arrested. (I could care less about an adult hiring an adult prostitute, and frankly people should be able to buy recreational drugs in the same place they buy their booze and smokes, rather than seeking out some shady dude who might be a cop selling washing powder…) But does this little dance of reality vs. fiction make you uneasy?

I mean I sell you a bag of dried sage from the garden and tell you its killer weed, the only crime I see there is ME for selling dud goods. The other guy just walks away with less money in his pocket and a bag of seasoning. Just because he WANTS to commit a crime doesn’t seem to justify an arrest to me. Same with the creepy pedo talking sweet to the “Little Girl” online. All one needs to do is look up a “Barely 18” porn site. What will you find? Nine-times-out-of-ten you’ll find a bunch of women in their 30s (who have had some hard-living so they look to be in their 40s) wearing their hair in pigtails and dressed as cheerleaders and schoolgirls. Does ANYBODY think for a second when they list their age as “18” they’re telling the truth? And hell how does it work for those people in the 70s who watched Tracy Lord’s debut?

She presented false ID showing she was 18 and started in porn when she was 15! Now if everybody was honestly duped, is that a crime? Certainly the average “hitchhiker” at the local porn theater probably wasn’t paying to see “Child Porn”.

Again this all sucks because I’m sympathizing with the creeps. I don’t WANT the guy who is chatting with the cop who is claiming to be 13 to be out and about, but what crime was committed? He talked dirty to a grown adult pretending to be a child. Creepy, yes, but by this account is my wife guilty for impersonating a government official?

Bottom like the Feds should be watching kids like this to see if the REAL terrorists seek them out, then you catch a dorky kid wanting to commit jihad, as well as REAL terrorists who have the intent AND THE MEANS to commit harm.

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  1. alan says:

    Funny how the biggest successes seem to be the ones they create for themselves.


    If your friend wants you to rob a bank, he’s an FBI informant.

    If he wants you to blow something up, he’s ATF.

    If he wants you to hold these drugs for him, he’s DEA.

  2. Jake says:

    I’m a bit torn on this one. If someone is actively seeking out help to commit this kind of crime, I don’t really have a problem with the feds stepping in and pretending to be a supplier until they can get a solid case that will stand up in court – and to ensure that he doesn’t actually kill anyone in the process – as long as there is no “pushing” or pressure for him to carry through on his intentions. If he goes ahead – all on his own initiative – and collects what he thinks are explosives and detonators, puts them together, and sets them up to detonate in what would be a massacre if they were real, he deserves what he gets. No one forced him, and he believed he really was going to kill people.

    In this case – assuming, of course, that the story is correct (yeah, I know) – he repeatedly attempted to contact someone before the feds stepped in. IF, as claimed, there was no prompting by the feds and they gave him every opportunity to back out, I’m inclined to leave it alone. On the other hand, if there WAS any prompting or coercion by the feds, the whole thing needs to be dropped and there needs to be some disciplinary action – up to and including firing – handed out.

    On the gripping hand, someone at SayUncle’s pointed out that simply claiming to be part of a terrorist organization could be seen as a form of coercion – unlike drug dealers or prostitutes, terrorists are not likely to let someone back out of “the cause” and live once they’ve made contact.

    So, yeah: I’m torn. He did go all the way through with it thinking he would be killing a lot of people, and he did make a determined effort to at least begin this on his own initiative, but I have to wonder how much prompting the feds gave. Which probably says more about my opinion of the feds than my opinion about the sting process.

  3. GuardDuck says:

    Going to a teeny-bopper chat room to grok up some 13 year old is one thing,
    Flying across the country to feel up said 13 year old is something different.

    Saying Allah rulz and all infidel Americans should die is one thing,
    Calling up ACME Jihad supply for some explosives and expertise to make them die is something different.

    Look the Fibbies didn’t call him up and say ‘Let’s dance.’ They call and say what’dya want?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Or so they say. I’m not saying that isn’t how it went down, or anything, but when the really scary part of the “Terrorist Plot” (the bomb) was essentially cooked up by the Feebs, and then the feebs tell us how it went down, I gotta throw the “Conflict of Interest” flag.

      And again there’s the rub. There are LOTS of terrorists and pervs and drug dealers out there. Go after THEM, don’t make FAKE drug dealers terrorists and pervs…

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