Hide Your Heat: For the Lay-Deez

Great Video:

I think the key take-away is look at what you have for clothing and work your concealment options around it. From all my looking and reading, woman’s clothing SUCKS for conceal carry, and you need to put some thought into what gun and what holster you’ll use. Also I agree with her about off-the-body carry. Something like a purse is a great place to HIDE your gun, but people leave purses laying around all the time, people forget their purse, and thieves steal them. BAD OPTION. Also tucking a gun in a vehicle can be a pain for if you’re ever pulled over for speeding or any other traffic offense, but also when you leave your car you either have to leave your gun unattended, or transition to an on-body holster, and in the glass box that is a car, and close quarters you could be spotted, and you could commit a safety violation.

Also note that everybody’s body and tastes are different. My favorite carry rig is a shoulder holster and my least-favorite is a Galco Belly band, and her favorite appears to be a thigh rig which is VERY slick, but no way I’d conceal it, or a woman who doesn’t wear skirts or short dresses. Maybe guys in kilts would enjoy this as well. Another great series is here

So ladies don’t get discouraged, there are ways for even you to hide your heat.

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  1. bluesun says:

    WHY WHY WHY DO THEY MAKE PANTS WITHOUT BELT LOOPS? I think I just wrenched a muscle in my brain…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Same reason why they make backless shirts….fashion often trumps all functionality.

      The big one I don’t get is the jeans where the thighs and ass are all worn to shit. Why would you pay extra money to get a pair of jeans that look like the ones I used to wear to sea? (of course my sea jeans were stained with blood rust and machine oil….)

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