The Bottom Line Pt. 2

Just saw this Gem:

Using an undercover officer, they arranged to purchase cocaine from Santiago three times last fall and then arrested him.

After a series of unsuccessful pretrial motions to dismiss the case or suppress evidence, where officers were called to testify, the case was headed for trial Tuesday in Peabody District Court.

That’s when Santiago and his lawyer, William O’Hare, instead decided to cut a deal with a judge.

Santiago offered to admit that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him on three of the four cocaine distribution charges he was facing — if Judge Richard Mori would impose a disposition that spared Santiago from being deported.

Over the objection of a prosecutor, who wanted Santiago to spend at least six months in jail, Mori went along with the defense request.

He agreed to continue the charges against Santiago without a finding for 364 days — one day short of the year that would have triggered deportation proceedings.

So we have an Alien (I believe he is here legally) who is dealing drugs, and also taking up Police resources making a case so he can be taken off the street. The End result of a conviction could be him deported from the country. I like it, get criminals engaging in dangerous and violent crimes against society off the street, and if they aren’t citizens, send them back home for their home nation to deal with them. We are a nation of immigrants, but I think we can have standards to only deal with our domestic trash.

Nope, he’s back on the street with the promise to keep his nose clean.

Santiago had already been the beneficiary of a continuation without a finding in a marijuana distribution case, according to court records.

Good job nanny-state liberals. Punish the lawful and let the bad actors go free. Be onto their lies, and remember that come November and beyond!

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