Sorry Doubletapper but that gun just looks plain goofy

As you can tell I’m going through my youtube subscriptions. Man tho the mile-high scope, and the bipod all dangling off an M4 just seems goofy to me. I mean don’t people like M4s because they’re light and handy? If you’re gonna bulk it up with all that stuff, why not do it on a full-size M16/AR-15 and take good advantage of the longer barrel to improve the ballistics of the 5.56x45mm.

Just sayin’

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  1. ZerCool says:

    The scope is hideous, but that’s the price of a carry-handle upper receiver … and then he used HIGH rings. Stoopit. Flat-top with BUIS is the way to go, but he could have gotten away with low rings just as well.

    The bipod is so tall because the mag sticks out so far… there’s a reason I don’t really mind using 10-round mags on my AR.

  2. Thomas says:


    A GRENDEL can have irons on a quick detach carry handle that swaps back and forth with the scope and beats a full size .223 and any .308…

    just saying…

  3. Thomas says:

    Oh, if you want BULKY and BIPOD — BRENS are tack drivers as semi-builds (Sub-MOA or better with good ammo), PLENTY BULKY, have an INTEGRAL BIPOD, and are NICE AND HEAVY for stability, and you can have one for the cost of an over-accessorized M-4gery…

    Friend’s dad said the OPEN bolt BREN was too accurate for a mg, because if you weren’t cautious you would end up putting 4-8 rounds into the same fascist. He had a bit of tumultous youthful adventure in North Africa, courtesy of the Italians and Germans.

  4. Wally says:

    “too accurate for a mg, because if you weren’t cautious you would end up putting 4-8 rounds into the same fascist”
    You win!

    Allz I was going to say was that with a scope that high, you could shoot from the hip at 9x magnification.

  5. McThag says:

    Seeing how high that scope is, are you sure it’s not a barrel shroud?

  6. Harry says:

    That is the sexiest M4 ever!

    Because the IDF Cuts down old M16’s to make their M4’s, they are stuck with carry handles.

    That is a 3×9 Lighted Reticle 50mm scope so there is no way it would clear the front sight with shorter rings and since DoubleTapper is an IDF certified sniper/marksman, he needs the bipod and scope.

    I like the way he has it setup and can’t wait to get over there and go shooting with him!

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