Illegal Immigration Rant

Zo hits it pretty square here.

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  1. Thomas says:

    If he’d just bother to learn Japanese, he would only need one language for a “sushi menu”. 🙂

    Just saying. Nothing particularly wrong with people using whatever language they want as long as they come legally. My dad employed a Belgian for a while, and he came to the states as a respected person in his field, but past any time in his life where he was going to get much past his “middle school” English. He had a Green Card, though, and a job that needed him. Lots of first generation immigrants don’t get particularly good at speaking English. Hell, I know a Welsh fellow in San Antonio, and he CLAIMS to speak English, but you wouldn’t know it by the sounds that come out of his mouth because he was raised “impaired”, i.e. speaking like he’s from the Welsh Countryside.

  2. JD says:

    Learning basic english language and basic writing skills are required of legal immigrants, google it yourself if you doubt me.
    My grandparents on both sides of my family speak both german and english but they understand english is the universal language and American citizens need to learn it so everyone can effectively communicate.

  3. Thomas says:

    Not required for a work visa, just for citizenship. And the very basic English required for citizenship is not as comfortable for people than their native tongue, so if a person has a Sushi Shop with 5 languages on the menu because of their customer base, it’s their choice as the owner of the shop and quite possibly good for business.

    I have a problem with the GOVERNMENT and SCHOOLS catering to people that won’t bother to learn English.

    I have ZERO problem with a couple German immigrants hanging out and “Sprechen the Deutsch”. The Persian restaurant I like has a menu in English and Farsi because there’s a large Persian/Iranian ex-pat community in Texas and has been since the fall of the Shah.


  4. Thomas says:

    Oh, one other thing. There’s a lot of LEGAL US citizens in Chinatown in SF that have been here forever, pay Taxes, are older and immigrated when things were lax, and they don’t speak English worth a f*ck but they aren’t deportable for that. There was a large enough Chinese community that they could manage without learning. It’s happened with Koreans, Poles, Jews, and Indians in Chicago and New York, too. I’ve been to those cities. Lived in them for short periods of life. Lots of older immigrants that managed to get in for whatever reason find it too hard to learn a new language and so they stay in insular communities.

    Some go back home by choice for the same reason. Fellow I worked with a decade ago had initially come to the US as an exchange student from Romania, then came back as a student for college and subsequently became a citizen. He legally brought his parents over with proper visas. His parents just couldn’t get used to language and cultural differences and, after two years, they went back to Romania because America had a lot to offer HIM but they felt they were too old to change and never felt comfortable.

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