Like Single Action Revolvers?

Jay is selling his Colt New Frontier .22 LR. Looks like a peach, and I will personally vouch that Jay takes EXCELLENT care of his guns, and I have personally done a gun swap with him, and I love the gun I got.

I know the feeling he’s in, he’s found a holy grail gun, and is dumping one he just don’t shoot much.

I did the same thing with my WASR-10 when I traded up for the Century L1A1, I don’t regret it.

So if cowboy guns in .22 LR are your thing, go over to Jay’s and see if he’s got what you want!

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  1. Jay G. says:

    Thanks for the plug, my friend. I really hate to sell it, but it’s just sitting in the safe collecting dust while my grail gun is not in my hands…

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