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The idea of “Race” is pretty stupid anyway when looking at the modern human. Let’s just take our president as a very good example. He’s most often refereed to as “The First Black President”, and his race is refereed to as “African American”.

He’s the product of a Kenyan national, and a Woman of “Mostly” European Descent (I say mostly as how can we say a family living in Kansas doesn’t have some black blood, or some native American blood, or maybe some Spanish blood…maybe some East Asian Blood from the influx of railroad workers from the far east….). Often in our current race-based culture people who identify as “Black” make reference to slavery, as well as the discrimination and segregation that came after slavery was disbanded. President Obama’s African father is from Western Africa which is generally not viewed as being involved in the slave-trade, meanwhile his white family ties did have slave owners in their past.

He was born on a Pacific Island that is populated mostly by East-Asians and a wide conglomeration of vastly different genetic populations known as “Pacific Islanders” (A farce in itself as people from Fiji Samoa and Guam amoung hundreds of other island populations are somehow considered “Same” by many legal systems, when generically that’s a hard row to hoe.

He spent his schooling years in Indonesia, with his Indonesian step-father, and then later moved back to Kansas to live with his grand parents who would be described as “White”.

But somehow this complicated cultural and genetic makeup is quickly pigeonholed as “African American”. He was born (dismissing all Birther Claims) on a Pacific Island, but is he not a “Pacific Islander”? He’s half “White” but he’s not White? If we want to split some genetic hairs, I’m willing to bet SOMEBODY in the Kansas linage married a “Native American” (which is a population believed to have traveled into the Americas during the ice ages from East Asia) would that not make him “Native American”? Aren’t “Native Americans” kinda “East Asians”? as a long time ago?

Let’s shift gears here. How about her? She’s retiring from the Massachusetts supreme court, so she’s getting a bit of news coverage, and I wish her a happy retirement.

Marshall was born in Newcastle, South Africa…She moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1964 and attended Harvard University (earning a master’s degree in education in 1969) and Yale Law School.

Doesn’t that sound a LOT like “African American” to you? But suddenly that evaporates when I show a picture:

Is that fair?

Hell if you want to be a really stickler, aren’t we ALL African?

The point I’m trying to get to is that race is bullshit in a day where people freely travel the world over and are free to marry and procreate with the partners of their choice. Hell I’m considered “White” by all accounts, but my “White” origins are from VASTLY different parts of the world and vastly different cultures.

But does that make me? I mean am I any more English, Scottish, German, French, Canadian ect ect, than I am a Mainer, a Masshole, or a New Englander? I mean the first few are where my ancestors come from…the next are where I come from, and above all I’m American, because that’s the nation and the culture I live in.

So what’s the point of it all? I mean we hear about people being racist about our president because he’s black…but what about him being white? Mike Wallace in the video mentions he’s Jewish. Is he speaking religiously or Ethically? Hitler executed Christians because they had converted from Judaism…meanwhile there are Jewish sects that will excommunicate members from improper following of religious doctrine.

Its all bullshit, and the only reason why people get bothered by this shit is WE KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT! Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors. Is he my favorite BLACK actor? No, I don’t bother with a that shit, he’s a good actor, what’s it matter his color or ethnic history? He played a damn good Cop in Seven, right next to Brad Pitt who’s also a favorite of mine….favorite WHITE actor? Or just favorite Actor?

I like Roman Polanski films, he’s one of my favorite directors. Favorite Jewish Director? Favorite Polish Director? Favorite French Director? Favorite White Director? Favorite Pedophile director? Favorite Rapist Director? BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!

FYI, Polanski can’t change his skin color, nor where he was born. He can change his faith, tho Hitler would have killed him just the same if he had been baptized when he was born. He DID choose to rape that girl tho.

When we talk about race we are talking about nonsense when we could be talking about something relevant…or not talking at all.

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  1. Lissa says:

    Only solution? Keep interbreeding. We Mutts are the way of the future, my friend!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Frankly the only pure-breeds out there are isolated populations, and semi/fully retarded royal families.

      Pure-breeds are an anomaly…and frankly THEY are only “Pure” because of traits/culture THEY define.

      Mutts are the world population, and why people still look at humans the same way show breeders look at dogs is an exercise in stupidity and futility.

  2. Bob S. says:

    Great post, I’ve complained before that I’m not called Anglo-Saxon/Caucasian American but let me slip one time and not refer to someone whose ancestors have been in the country as long as mine as African American and I’m racist.

    Have every noticed a disconnect in the media concerning race?
    Criminals are seldom distinguished by race — but victims of hate crimes/police brutality by whites are always described by race.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah well all accounts you give (and I observe) race is used exclusively when it is useful to the beholder….and those observations are 100% flawed anyway. (see “Electing a Black President” and “hate Crime” ect)

      hence why we need to stop accepting this bullshit. To say there is such a thing as “White” or “Black” or other such labels by nature is a lie (as we’re all mixed-breeds) and as much a lie as the socially repugnant view of “Master Races” or “Inferior Races”. We allow one characterization, but not the other dispite them being equally flawed in their assessment.

      it must stop NOW!

  3. Tarb says:

    Weerd, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe this will ever end while there is something to be gained by playing the race card. By keeping “races” divided and arguing, a canny politician or other unscrupulous figure has a lot of power to gain from this nonsensical bullshit.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep that’s the point I’m making. When the Klan or Aryn Nation ignore all the good done by non-whites, and all the bad done by whites, and make an “argument” for White Supremacy we call them on their bullshit, and shun them.

      When somebody makes a blanket statement of racism about somebody else who has shown no evidence of that, the eyes of society go blind.

      I won’t even get into groups that are very similar to the Klan or Aryn Nation, like The New Black panthers or Trinity United Church of Christ the the world also doesn’t seem to take much notice on.

      I’m asking us ALL to take notice!

  4. Thomas says:

    A number of my African friends are sixth or seventh generation, primarily Dutch, Germanic, and Portuguese. One Swiss. If one chooses to trace ancestry, and every last one of them is more AFRICAN than Obama. If you want to meet an ACTUAL “DAR SKINNED” AFRICAN AMERICAN in WASHINGTON D.C., THEY DON’T LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE OR CONGRESS. THEY ARE YOUR CAB DRIVERS AND SMALL ENTREPRENEURS. Silver Spring, Maryland is full of ACTUAL COLORED AFRICAN AMERICANS. Interesting side note, they do not mix AT ALL, socially or otherwise, with the “supposed ‘african-americans'” that aren’t at all African.

    Eugène Terre’Blanche was African. Obama, not one bit. Jeremiah Wright, not one bit. Jesse Jackson, not one bit. Sharpton, not one bit.

    I’ve got a potential opportunity in Angola. If I go and end up having a family there, my family will be African (and I’ll have a lousy intermittent internet connection 🙂

    FWIW, the best rant on race I ever heard was from an Irish friend.
    “Americans are daft, every fookin one of them finds out I’m Irish and then they want to tell me how they’re part Irish too. Fook that! I didn’t see them in County Cork growing up. They are fooking AMERICANS there isn’t a bit of Irish about them!”

    He was pretty animated and a bit inebriated when he launched into that rant. Was quite funny.

    • Thomas says:

      Amusing addendum:

      Just got the mail and was a letter from a friend of mine who’s originally from suburban Hell-Ay, but now lives near Oaklands, NSW.
      Seems she’s about to give birth to an indigenous Australian. Probably grow up like the rest of them on that feral prison colony continent, with a lame pseudo-South African English accent that don’t sound quite right to my ears… 🙂

      Kid will be just as Australian as an Abo in MY book. Grow up driving on the wrong side of the road with a misunderstanding of the difference between grilling and barbecue…

  5. Thomas says:

    Might be of interest from a conversation regarding a potential job, the race card sure is universal:

    “On the whole, Angolans are friendly but beneath the veneer, racism runs rampant. They can abuse you as much as they want, either by being obnoxious or by simply not doing their jobs properly and blaming the ex-pat. If you have a go at them, they will accuse YOU of racism and, more often than people realise, will denounce you to the immigration authorities as such in the hope your visa will not be renewed.”

    Still could be interesting. If I disappear from the intertoobs, and I haven’t died, Luanda has a high probability. Good fishing. No hunting to amount to anything because everything got poached and destroyed in the war and continued poaching has prevented the populations from coming back much at all, but it’s not far from places not as destroyed as far as infrastructure that have a healthy game population. Bonus that you have a really good chance of accidentally stepping on land mines, therefore fishing is likely a better general outdoors activity, they didn’t mine the ocean much. 🙂

    Still sounds interesting.

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