What a Great Night!

So I tuned in at 6pm to BB And Guns and the show was awesome, and the amount of people tuning into the show live and in the connected coatroom was big. I believe it was 53 total listeners by the last half. That will only grow I suspect. If you missed it Click here to download the show You just might hear a few familiar voices calling in. I can’t wait for the next show, its gonna be great!

Then I Mixed myself a big-boy drink in politically incorrect glassware, and then signed on for Vicious Circle #60 where Alan does all he can to keep us on track and the show short. VC fans out there, feel free to chime in to Alan or my, or any other VC regulars to let us know if you prefer longer or shorter format. Also let us know why ANYBODY would bother listening to us talk! ; ]

Have a great Friday, People!

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  1. Vector says:

    Listening to you guys go on about anything and everything is my happy hour at the end of the day! I have it on my iPod, and it makes for a great soundtrack for my commute home.

    I also still think we could make a great drinking game for VC. I should write down all my ideas sometime.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Heh, last night Jim again mentioned “kind eyes” and I shouted “Drink Vector Drink!!”, so happy hour indeed!

      If you want to pen the game I’ll publish it here, if Jim doesn’t want to do it at his place.

      Certainly “kind eyes” is a drink, as is Jay’s mic cutting out. Others I can think of is Jay going on a loud rant, Alan giving a bewildered sigh, me saying something that nobody seems to understand. Maybe a finish your drink when Breda ducks out early. (tho I wonder how many VCs she’ll be doing now that she has a radio show just before it now).

      We should tinker with this idea.

      • Vector says:

        Here’s some of my thoughts. Drink every time:

        – Someone makes fun of Alan’s Apple fanboydom
        – Someone makes fun of Alan’s age
        – Jay has technical difficulties (maybe every N times Jay has difficulties, because I don’t think Ted Kennedy could have survived a VC if he had to drink every time Jay cuts out)
        – “Kind eyes” EXCEPT when reference is then made to the drinking game
        – Reference to Jarsquatter, the screwdriver guy, or any other atrocity of the internet
        – Sound effect (Cat Piano, Christina’s reaction to Jarsquatter, etc.)
        – Breda sighs or is otherwise exasperated by something someone said
        – “I’ll be in my bunk!”
        – More than 5 seconds of dead air in a row
        – Someone makes fun of VC
        – Someone announces they’re having a drink (only once per drink)
        – “You don’t lose your X, you just lose your turn!” (finish your drink if it’s someone other than Jay or Weer’d)
        – Reference to listeners in other countries

        I think that’s a good start, eh?

  2. Tarb says:

    Ha! You’ll never kill us with alchohol! If you’re tough enough to listen to VC, you’re damn near unkillable anyway! Seriously Weerd, great show as always. I always like the bizarre tangents you send the conversation onto. Keep up the good shows mate!

  3. Eseell says:

    I prefer the longer format because I have a long commute to work during which I listen to podcasts. Listening to VC is like being in the GBC even when I can’t get on IRC. In other words, traumatic and likely to lead to a nervous breakdown someday.

  4. Motor-T says:

    I’m behind the wheel a lot. I have to listen to something, so VC usually gets me through 2-4 hours a week. But being that I’m driving, I’m 100% sober. How sad is that.

  5. wrm says:

    It beats talk radio most of the time…

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