Neat Ammo Tests

Mike W. links these guys doing neat test videos. They Have my personal carry ammo, and the results look VERY good as far as expansion.

There are a ton of other brands that pretty much look the same in the end. Some looked very pretty

Others no-so-much:

Still let’s face it, if you’re carrying a handgun, your carry load sucks!

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  1. Mike w. says:

    Haven’t you learned yet Weerd? .357 SIG owns all !! 🙂

  2. D2k says:

    there is a joke version of that picture with 10mm auto and a mushroom cloud

  3. Kevin H. says:

    I love the caliber wars.
    A month ago I was listening to a “.45 guy” talking about his custom 1911s. I metioned that I didn’t care for the .45 cartridge. He puffed up and asked me if I was one of those “9mm weenies”.
    To which I replied “Yep, I carry a 9x33mmR”.

    I wonder if he’s Googled it yet…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Honestly I suspect a 9x19mm (even a “Pussy” 115 grain one) with a good bullet will “Do the Job” as well (or as poorly) as my 230gr +P 11.4x23mm “Man-stoppers”

      And as you would guess from above snide remark I have a hardon for European designation (Tho the Plethora of 9x23mm cartridges does cut down on its usefulness) so I get your joke (Tho I did have to confirm the case length of a certain Elmer Keith Creation)

  4. Thomas says:

    My .375H&H handgun loads with 235 grainers don’t suck… 🙂

    I posted about that on an internet forum and they told me all about how .357 Mag doesn’t come with 235 grainers…

    Then they re-read the caliber. Some handguns DO NOT SUCK, but they also have limited rates of fire.

  5. Thomas says:

    This exploded old nag brought to you, courtesy, of a “Handgun” at a couple hundred yards.


  6. Dev says:

    Very interesting. Why are they shooting into water barrels?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Its generally a good medium to get expansion and minimal penetration. Not as useful data-wise as ballistics gel, which is not as useful as a large body of coroner’s reports….

      • mike w. says:

        It’d be nice if they could get ahold of a bunch of cadavers for ballistics testing…..

        OK, that’s a little sick, but would be really informative & flat out cool

        • Thomas says:

          They only people that have done REAL research on wound ballistics have done it on animals and cadavers.

          Know something interesting? .458 Lott FLAT NOSE COPPER SOLID goes LENGTHWISE through a BUFFALO and exits the chest from a “texas heart shot” at 75 yards. Misc. Hollowpoints don’t penetrate much at all, even in rifle calibers. They’re a mixed bag, and “hydrostatic shock” is a bullshit theory, as are a lot of them “theories”, either you hit something critical or you bleed out the targets, and you have way better odds of making something important bleed if you get PENETRATION. .40S&W light HP into a leather jacket into the abdomen, not hitting anything vital, depending on the psychological reaction of the person, isn’t gonna do a dang thing. I’d rather plow a moderate hole all the way through something than make a wide shallow hole.

          Some of the best US Military data was done with LIVE PIGS. Pathologist dad has all that stuff in his library, animals and autopsies.

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