How Cool is this??

Tho I will say doing #1 I won’t always wash my hands. Let’s face it I take a shower and put on clean underwear where my hog stays nicely wrapped, when I go to pee my hands are likely more dirty than my equipment, and I’m fully aware of where the pee comes from so I don’t get any on me, so why need to wash up??

Still its a good design!

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  1. ZerCool says:

    That’s a nifty idea, until you’re in one of those places where someone tries to be funny (or is just too tall) and pees on the top surface…

  2. It’s not your hog that worries me, it’s the germs you pick up FLUSHING that you need to wash off. Gross. 😛 Of course, the design you linked to seems to use the wash-water to flush, so that point is moot. 😀

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Bad Old Joke time: A Sailor and a Marine walk into the the Head to take a leak. When they’re done, the Marine heads to the sink while the Sailor heads out the door. The Marine notices this and calls out “In the Marine Corps we are taught to wash our hands after taking a leak”. The Sailor pauses, turns to the Marine and says “In the Navy, we are taught to not piss on our hands”.

  4. Ian says:

    The diagram alone is worth the purchase.

  5. .357 Magnum says:

    I sure HOPE you are kidding about the washing up bit!

    Physiologically speaking, your crotch is similar to your armpits: sweat accumulates there with fewer chances to evaporate; bacteria grows there, making things stinky all the way around. In short, your crotch and armpits are not places you’d want to touch and then, say, lick cupcake frosting off your fingers.

    What’s more, peeing in a urinal causes something called “aerosolization,” in which pee droplets become airborne particles. Depending on the design of the urinal and your aim, the amount of aerosolized urine that makes its way back toward you can be noticeable!

    In fact, it’s a good thing this weblog is somewhat anonymous, because if I were a coworker of yours and read this, I’d be thinking of every time I’ve shaken your hand, and grimacing. However, if you don’t wash every time, there’s a good chance a coworker has already noticed this fact, and gossipped about it with your other coworkers!

    In short, please wash your hands, always always always, after you pee. This is so important that I sometimes use it as an example of why direct democracy is a bad form of government: “do you really want the majority of people, most of whom can’t figure out how to use their turn signal or recognize the importance of washing their hands after they pee, to tell you what you can and cannot do?” 🙂

  6. .357 Magnum says:

    And if you do it for work purposes, you probably even follow the “formal” method they teach in nursing schools. I think it’s sad, but fortunate, that it has in fact been formalized that way. 🙂

    Back on topic, I do agree that this is a pretty slick design. Thanks for pointing it out!

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