Now Let’s View the Flip Side!

So A Few Bloggers have linked This NRA Press release Read the whole thing, its a good one. Points out how illogical and pointless gun control groups are in their efforts and in their bottom line.

Through that I found This Page in it this particular anti-rights group gives “Statistics” (some of them valid….others referencing groups like the VPC, and for all we know they Could be the same group) like:
-Gun Deaths & Injuries
-Homicide (only guns referenced)
-Suicide (Only guns referenced…and they concede that its only about 50% of the total…so they don’t care about HALF this demo)
-Gun Deaths & Race (I’m curious is it better or worse if somebody is shot if they’re black or white? Does it count for more or less? I thought that 3/5s nonsense was over…)
-Domestic Violence (But again, the only relevant statement they make on this is guns….hubby beats wife with a frying pan or his fists, OK, just so long as he doesn’t have a gun)

They even attempt to apply these metrics to other nations.

So really, is Gun Death a useful metric for you guys? You seem to have a lot of eggs in that basket….

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  1. mike w. says:

    And of course LCAV gets their funding from whom?……. The Joyce Foundation of course! More anti-gun astroturf.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Heh, I’m not surprised (hence the mention that they might as well be the same group) Also very interesting that they cite the VPC in many of their “Facts”….kinda incestuous, and very unethical.

      AKA, how they roll!

  2. Paul Kanesky says:

    With 300 million people in america and estimated 200 million guns I would imagine it is possible to find many cases of mis-use of a firearm. My problem with the statistics provided by the gun control people is their tendency to twist the truth, and lump legitimate self defense shootings in with outright murder. They identify street gang shootings as children killed by guns. I find no attempt tp balance the bad use of a firearm with the good defensive use ie; how many lives are saved by firearms.
    Comparisons to other nations is not valid and should never be accepted as a legitimate point. Too many differences in society, history, monolithic ethnic groups, and on and on. I also notice they never reference Israel or Switzerland.
    England in 1900 had the lowest crime rate in the world and every “gentleman considered it his duty and right to go armed. Look at England today.
    We also have the evidence of the effectiveness of self defense impact on crime in the reduction of crime in every State imediately following the passage of CCW laws. I hear they claim no connection can be made but 48 coincidences cannot be ignored.
    I believe many of these anti civill rights types have made up their minds and refuse to allow themselves to be confused by the facts, and are beyond reason or help, however there are a lot of misinformed people who once they know the truth will join with us.
    Paul in Texas

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