Odd Spam

I was just checking my spam trap during a tea break, and I found a comment that got marked. Didn’t recognize the screen name, and the text was “Good Point….you might be interested in this site” or something like that. Curious I tried the link. It was a spam bot selling TOASTERS!

WTF? OK I totally see the porn angle, as well as sex toys, and pills designed to do something to your penis. People get embarrassed by such personal stuff and the internet is awesome for that. But Toasters????

Seriously, most Grocery stores sell toasters, and department stores should have more of a selection than one would know what to do with. Why would a spambot be attempting to sell toasters in my comments?

This random spambot stopped by Akismet!

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  1. Dev says:

    A guy at work had one that was offering discount prices on forklifts. What?

  2. Blackhawk101 says:

    a) You did click the link
    b) You are now thinking about toasters
    c) As an added bonus you now have people who come to your site thinking of toasters

    I believe the spam worked as intended! 😀

    A long time ago in an MBA class we were talking about advertising. The professor asked as to name the worst commercials we ever saw for a product. We did and he then pointed out something- people tend to remember most vividly two types of commercials- the best and the worse. In both cases you end up remembering the product which is the whole point of advertising. The prof remarked a $10 million dollar mediocre ad campaign that no one remembers is a waste of money- a $100 million dollar campaign where everyone buzzes for the next 2 weeks about how awful the ad was is a blazing success! 😀

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