Low hanging Fruit

If you’re bored by it, let me know, but I’m so amused by Kay’s attempts to “Debate”, and no I’m not going to take the moral highground. We’re both big-kids, and if she wants to protray herself as a 42 year old middle-school girl, I’m perfectly capable to laugh at it. (Seriously, look to the social behaviors of familiar 13-14 year old girls when reading he below quotes)

You are the WEER’D in YOUR WORLD.

As I implied in my one simple paragraph to you right wing DROIDS, Byrd left the Klan and at the end of his life was by the side of the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY.

You? Where are you today, neck drooler?

Ouch. Also interested that before stating that she copy-and-pasted my entry without even reading it. Heh

Ahhhh the ole, “Hey! Look at the birdie! Kay and everyone look at the birdie! Nice birdie! Pretty birdie!” deflection and diversion from the truth! Way to go right winger! LOL *shaking head* Seriously, you’re pathetic. As Maine Goes is too.

Heh, this gem was a response to her statement that Byrd CAN’T POSSIBLY be a racist Klansman, as he endorsed Barack Obama, and is standing beside him in her posted picture. Yep the “I’m not prejudice, I have black friends!” I have no idea what her response means, but it certainly makes her appear the brightest bulb on the tree, doesn’t it?

Mike W. Who loves internet debate more than sunshine popped in and asked how she defined “Neck Drooler”.

Yes. Neck Drooler.



Who says Democrats are Prejudice? Nope, none at all. I suspect most of you know me, and know my habits and stances to some extent. I pointed out the finer points to the lovely Kay. her Response?

Funny….just like after the Nixon years there wasn’t one American who said they voted for Nixon, because they were embarrassed! That said, I believe you voted for Bush twice, you watch Fox News daily, and you have a 60 inch flat screen tv with every cable channel in the Universe on it!

Ouch, you got me there! She forgot that I probably hate the homos, and beat my wife, and dropped out of middle school, and I’m a devout Christian, or something.

I wonder if I applied this to other demographics it would get such a pass? People who know I’m a conservative republican often get totally bent out of shape when I go on my rants about the bullshit oppression of gay rights in the nation. (Opression that is continuing just as hard under President Homophobe Obama, as it did under Homophobe Bush…just to Kay, Obama’s behavior is OK because of the “D” after his name….but I’m the drone!), and I get “Wait you’re a Republican and you LIKE gays?” yep. Sorry to disappoint. I’m not Christian either. I also tend not to give a flying fuck where your ancestors came from and when they decided to get here. But I will note that all this back-and-forth started when a racist Klansman…and life-long Democrat died.

I know a black guy who doesn’t play sports. Would it be acceptable for me to say “Wow, you don’t play Basketball?” Doesn’t sound very cool to me. I have a Jewish friend who’s currently working hard to get her debts paied off. You think it would be OK for me to say “No, you’re Jewish! You’re LOADED with Money!”

Good work, Kay. That’s why I’m a loyal reader of your angry little puss-filled blog. I won’t take the “High Road” and avoid calling your a miserable person. I don’t need to, nor would it be wise to. I read your blog, and know you place no value in polite discourse.

Nope, just an insecure little teen girl being mean to everybody so hopefully people will think she’s strong and smart. Most little girls out-grow that trash. Guess you didn’t. And its a wonder why she’s so unhappy.

There are so many Democrat drones (to turn a phrase) who seem to be nothing but unhappy adult children. Its too bad they just want to ruin everything for those of us who actually grew up.

Maybe we can change that.

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  1. Nicely stated. I tried debating facts with her some time back and then she banned me.

  2. Tennessee Budd says:

    “Neck Drooler.” Wow. That really stings coming from one of the Obamasturbators, who frantically diddle themselves whilst shouting frantically, “Yes, Barry, yes! Nationalize harder! Redistribute faster! Read me dirty words off your TelePrompTer!”

  3. Tennessee Budd says:

    Oops–corrected while typing, and didn’t erase the second “frantically.” At this rate, I could get a job doing Obumble’s press releases.

  4. Tennessee Budd says:

    Point taken.

  5. mike w. says:

    Why do I have this sudden urge to tell her “OK sweetie, you’re not 5 years old anymore.”

    Geez. As Bezmenov would describe them, “useful idiots”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Tell her all you want…something tells me she’ll just banter back more of the same.

      I’m done over there, I’ve played enough games with dorks like her to know there’s little good that will come from it.

      Still I may get a post-or-two from her. But more-or-less I’m betting repetition is the order of the day.

  6. Dev says:

    Man, this is hilarious. I think I’ll make a comment on her post if it will let me.

  7. Linoge says:

    So standing by one black man once in his life undoes all of the racist, bigotred, discriminatory, and just plain dickish behavior he committed thorughout the course of his miserable, hate-filled, anti-rights life?

    Gorram. That woman might just be stupider than she acts.

    At this point, she is probably going to be useful for occasional pointing-and-laughing, as Mike W. says, but honestly expecting anything approximating rational or reasonable from someone like that is about akin to expecting pigs to sprout orbit-capable boosters and head for Mars.

    Might make tasty (if vacuum-dried) bacon, though…

  8. KayInMaine says:

    LMAO! Wow Weer’d Teabagger….two days on my blog and you’re done talking with me? You’ve had enough? Bah hahahahahahaha! Guess that means I won, huh?

    Chicken Hammer hangs here? This must be where all the flunky teabaggers go. Sad. Pathetic too.

    By the way, can any of you neck droolers prove that Byrd had a noose in his office like republicSCUM George Allen did? Or if he ever put a pig’s head in the mailbox of an African American family like Allen did? Please show me all of the examples you have proving that Bryd left the KKK and was still a raging racist bigot like yourselves. Thanks pals!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Oh Kay, I understand you’re just a troller, and appear to have a LOT of trouble reading given the number of factually wrong statements you made above, but all the good stuff on Byrd was posted here:

      I also linked to it on your blog where you also didn’t read it.

      Let me know if I can help you sound-out the big words. 😉

    • Linoge says:

      Apparently you did not read the comments at Weer’d’s previous post discussing you. If you had, you might have seen this link:


      Specifically, Senator Byrd was the only Senator to vote against both Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas, and he also opposed Janice Rogers Brown and Condoleezza Rice. So far as anyone can tell, Our Glorious President is the first individual of darker skin tones that Senator Byrd did not actively and intentionally oppose. Additionally, after he was elected to the Senate, he opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (he assisted in the massive fillibuster concerning it), as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

      In case you were not aware, Byrd disavowed his membership to the KKK in 1952.

      Moving outside of matters of skin colorations, Byrd also found it within himself to support the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996, indicating that his bigotry was not limited to solely black people, but also included homosexuals.

      So, you asked for examples, Kay, and I have now provided them. Is there any chance, whatsoever, of you growing up and providing examples of the supposed “raging racist bigot(ry)” that you accuse us of? Or are you going to continue parrotting the same tired, irrelevant, childish, and generally immature insults you incessantly sling, to little-to-no effect?

      • Weerd Beard says:

        “So, you asked for examples, Kay, and I have now provided them. Is there any chance, whatsoever, of you growing up and providing examples of the supposed “raging racist bigot(ry)” that you accuse us of? Or are you going to continue parrotting the same tired, irrelevant, childish, and generally immature insults you incessantly sling, to little-to-no effect?”

        I’m betting those chances are between slim and none, but I only speak from vast experience dealing with people who are EXACTLY like Kay!

        • Linoge says:

          Oh, do not misunderstand – I am holding out precisely zero hope that Kay will do as I suggest. I was merely doing my best to indicate to her what her best course of action is, and how she should be comporting herself… since she seems to be having some rather significant problems with both.

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  10. Dev says:

    I like how she refused to answer my questions to her post. 🙂

    • Weerd Beard says:

      As a general rule “Progressive” bloggers tend to be exactly what they claim enrages them the most.

      The ones who are bleeding-heart anti-violence types tend to be short-tempered thugs. Humanitarian “Progressives” tend to be self-centered narcissists, anti-religious bloggers tend to be zealots.

      Kay preaches that the right wing and tea party are all idiots….yet she can’t come up with even a basic support of her belief, and slings juvenile names that most of us grew out of about the same time we grew pubes.

      And that isn’t even when we push her out of her own little bubble. She wrote an Obit for Robert Byrd that could be summarized as “Robert Byrd is Dead….Republicans are mouth-breathing idiots”

      I’m sure the late Senator is impressed that that was what came to her mind.

      If anybody Eulogizes me as “Weer’d Beard is Dead…The Brady Campaign is a bunch of bed-wetters” I swear on John Browning’s grave I’ll haunt your dumb ass until I get sick of it!

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