Remington 700 Trigger

Jeff Quinn gives his take. Great article, read the whole thing.

You can take five million of any product, and make a few of them to malfunction. However, with the Remington trigger, even that is not the case. If I am holding a rifle that is possessed of the Devil himself, and it suddenly starts firing at will all on its own, I am still responsible for the direction in which that rifle is pointed. Firearms are tools, nothing more. They have no will, and a rifle is designed to propel a projectile down the bore when manipulated to do so. The Model 700 does just that, and does it well.

Just to name-drop but a had a brief chat with Jeff over at the NRA convention and he’s a really nice guy, I’m a big fan of his site. He’s a gun-reviewer, so occasionally I think he might gloss over some of the more obvious flaws, but I’ve bought a few guns after reading his reviews and find him to be very objective.

h/t Gunmart

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