Watch Your Muzzle!

There a reason why we say “Never point a gun at anything you don’t want to destroy”

A Bee Branch man died Saturday in Greenbrier after accidentally shooting himself in the head….Earnhart said Swofford was at a private residence looking at the .32 caliber handgun with the intent of purchasing it. Swofford had taken the clip out and believed the gun was not loaded.

Deadly Sloppy gun-handing there. There aren’t many guns I own that I haven’t tried the trigger for quality and function. I have NEVER done this without first clearing the firearm. And no clearing the gun does NOT mean simply dropping the magazine. You need to drop the magazine then inspect the chamber and magazine well. This is one of those examples of why how magazine safeties can get somebody killed. Was this guy a slob, or was he most familiar with guns that wouldn’t discharge if the magazine was removed? I have a few guns with magazine disconnectors on them, none of them serious defensive guns. I hate going to all the trouble to clear the gun, only to be forced to put a magazine back in the gun to manipulate the trigger.

Still all this and to pull the trigger with the gun pointed at your head? .32 ACP is a weak round, but it’ll kill you plenty dead if you take one to the noggin…just ask Hitler!

And to just add to the stupid, Joan Peterson of the million Mom March, the Brady Campaign, and various Joyce Foundation groups presented this story as even more “proof” that guns “Just Go Off”. If she wants to be an idiot, as well as a card-carrying shill for the anti-gun lobby, I’ll always be willing to make sure everybody knows it!

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