Stupid Should Hurt

Uncle Links These Stories.

Urban Predators, this could be you!

Note that all of these jerks had guns, and their intended victims/amateur plastic surgeons were unarmed. Refuse to be a victim, and show what happens to violent behavior in your neighborhood!

Good Work!


-Weer’d Beard

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  1. Linoge says:

    Wow. Talk about getting yourself completely screwed up. Good to see.

    And good to see that criminals are stupid enough to believe that firearms will give them the upperhand in all circumstances, no matter what is going on – they are not totems, they are simply tools, and they require the appropriate motivation to use them. The homeowners had that. The criminals did not.

    And that motivation prevailed.

  2. kaveman says:

    I like the new digs.

    I like looking at douche-nozzle fuck-waste even more.

    Next time some gun-grabber starts spouting off about the value of chamber indicaters, make sure and retort only if it’s visible from down range.

    Aye Matey

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