The Bottom Line

So I’m watching the Mattapan Murders closely because in some points its an exception that will prove the rule (as a general rule Police don’t bother much with gang-land killings, and the people in the area don’t help the police do their jobs. I think because of the baby killed, as well as the media attention Police might bring the shooters to justice, rather than let the case Go Unsolved) but also it shows the failure of the system

The Boston Herald is reporting a gun possibly linked to the shooting was found in the home of a driver who was stopped around the time of the shootings.

You’ll note no references to arrests….because as of the time of my typing there aren’t any. They have a gun and a car (both items with mandatory registration) but they have no people in custody. Also the City paid millions of dollars on Gunshot detectors and I believe that was what first summoned police to the scene (tho 911 calls were shortly behind) and again…no suspects.

When people say “When we know there are things that work, we should apply them anyway, even against strong resistance. Doing the right thing can save lives. Elected leaders- are you listening?” We need to be prepared to call them on their lies.

Ignoring the violent crime problem and focusing on tools used does nothing for public safety but waste money.

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  1. NightPaws says:

    Mandatory registrations are so awesome. Yup. Rolling eyes right here.

    Part of the reason I always hated driving in the more urban parts of Mass were the sheer amount of total crap “beater” cars driven by illegals. They purchase a POS car that hardly runs with a tiny bit of time left on the registration. Then drive it until they get caught, while it’s still registered under the prior owner’s name. Then they ditch said vehicle somewhere like the visitor parking section of an apartment complex. It really sucks if you get hit during the driving stage. Granted it sucks even if they do since Mass is insane and has that no fault insurance BS.

    Yup. Registration for everything must work, considering how well it works on vehicles! Yay! 😛

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I know several people who have been hit by illegals driving unregistered shitbox cars. Not only does the illegal just dump the car, they also dump their fake ID and just get a new one.

      Bottom line, everybody I know who’s been hit by an illegal had to pay for their repairs out-of-pocket.

      But Illegal immigrants are just here to work and pay their taxes right? Its racist and mean to want the criminals out of our country!

  2. Linoge says:

    Here we have the perfect frakking ideal situation for the anti-rights nuts of America, and, lo and behold, it does not yield us a single damned thing by way of an actual, honest solution.

    But, remember, all we need to do is institute MA-like laws all over the country, and all gun crime would vanish overnight, and be solve instantaneously. Just like is happening here.

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