The Gun Is Different!

So this little video is going around the web.

Makes your teeth clench doesn’t it? So much stupid and gun in one place pretty amazing nobody got hurt! After my reaction to take the gun away from the little punk went away I thought “Oh no, the Anti rights turds are going to have a field day with this!” But that got me thinking of other videos I’ve seen.

Here we have every-day idiots doing stupid things with every day items. Do the idiots call for bans on cigarettes? Skate Boards? Motocycles? Gasoline? Spraypaint? Fire?

Well some of those things they do, but certainly not the gasoline and spraypaint, because “Progressives” use that stuff, and they only want to take away rights OTHER PEOPLE use.

Moral? What do all these videos have in common? Idiots. The tool is irrelevant.

Oh and also nobody got seriously hurt besides the skater who mangled his shit, and he’s probably fully recovered by now.

Food for thought.

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